Criminal Defense: Tilting The Odds in Your Favor


Criminal Defense Tilting The Odds in Your FavorAt my law firm, NovaLegalGroup, P.C., we have criminal defense experience; including successfully handling thousands of cases; both criminal and criminal traffic cases. We know the range of odds you face in your case, at your specific courthouse Casino.  While no one can ever predict the exact outcome of any case, and no professional attorney can say anything with 100 per cent certainty in the practice of law, with our experience we can give you a range of likely outcomes in your case and, more importantly, design a customized “Plan of Action” to tilt the odds that are naturally against you in the Casino courthouse and to tilt the odds into your favor.

So, even if a client was indeed Driving while Intoxicated with a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08 per cent, or more, or they obviously knew they had marijuana in their pocket; or consciously shoplifted some jewelry from a store; with our extensive experience and knowledge of how to read police reports, interpret video dash-cam; understand radar or lidar in reckless driving or DWI, breathalyzer test results; 0r how to interrogate witnesses; and how to interpret and utilize the law then we can to design a customized defense “Plan of Action” for our clients.  But, we’ve also learned through the successful handling of thousands of criminal and criminal traffic cases, that we are the most successful when we also involve our clients in creating our “Plan of Action”.

Be proactive in your Criminal Defense

Rather than just sitting idly by, being scared and feeling sorry for themselves, we strongly suggest that our clients that they work with us in crafting and implementing this “Plan of Action”; by having them be as aggressively proactive and diligent as we are in defending their own rights. We tell them “Don’t Be a Victim! … Fight Back!”  This allows us to tell our clients – help us to help you win your case.

For example, if someone is facing a DWI charge, we’ll ask them to seriously consider doing alcohol education classes before court. We will also strongly suggest that they attend an 8-hour Virginia Driver Improvement Class and a 4-hour Reckless Driving Class and, perhaps, perform 25 hours of community service – in essence, to be proactive and do whatever it takes to get their case dismissed or reduced.

For domestic abuse cases, we’ll ask our clients to take an Anger Management class.  If they had alcohol on their breath when the police arrived at the scene of the domestic violence, [which is common in such cases], we’ll ask our clients to also take an alcohol education class; and, if the person they are accused of abusing is willing to forgive them, then we ask that they both engage in “Couples’ Counseling”.

Drug charges Criminal Defense honework

With a drug charge, we’ll ask our clients to attend Drug Education classes and possibly take urine tests to show the court that they have stopped using illegal substances; and we will suggest strongly that they engage in community service to show the court that they know they have offended the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia that are prosecuting them.  Why?  Because they have wasted the taxpayers’ money and time having to prosecute them.

Doing this “Homework,” in tandem with our due diligence of reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, reviewing test results, etc., is how we “tilt the odds” back to the client’s favor.

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