Client Reviews

We’ve helped hundreds of people fight back. Learn what they think of us below.

Client Reviews

We’ve helped hundreds of people fight back. Learn what they think of us below

Client Reviews

We’ve helped hundreds of people fight back. Learn what they think of us below

NovaLegalGroup, P.C. Client Reviews

NovaLegalGroup, P.C.
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5 Derek Anderegg via

I would recommend these guys to anyone that needs there services. Josh from the first time we spoke was very helpful in explaining everything and working with me. Then I had the pleasure of having Ryan represent me. Then Spencer came to represent me and done an amazing job explaining every question I had and made it as painless as possible. In short I got a better outcome in my situation than I thought I would and it’s because these guys know what they are doing. Just to add one more detail you will not find anyone else like these guys for your money. Thank you guys again for everything.

5 divesh patel via

I had a great experience with NovaLegalGroup. Spencer Reiss went above and beyond to hear my struggle and provide legal advice.
He negotiated with the prosecutor and was able to get me the outcome that I needed. I would highly recommend requesting attorney Spencer Reiss if you work with this firm.

5 Christene Coolbaugh via

My husband was a client and he was very satisfied with Spencer Reese he did a great job providing excellent representation for my husband and we were very happily with the outcome. My husband refers this firm to any of his friends that are in need of legal assistance. Great Firm

5 Sherelle Fowler via

My son and I had the pleasure of having Josh and Spencer as his attorney for a traffic ticket case. They both did excellent jobs and when speaking to the judge Spencer was outstanding. They answered all questions and made him feel comfortable and that in the end Spencer had my son’s best interest. We appreciate all the work that was done and giving my son the best representation. Everything that was done is greatly appreciated.

5 L via

would hire Mr. Spencer Reiss again: great to work with, was accommodating for me throughout the process, and diligent from start to finish. Additionally, he got me a deal I didn’t think was possible! Very grateful

5 Sophia Alford via

Awesome Law Firm …thank you for all your help with my cases.

5 Henry Yeh via

Joshua Wilson was amazing, he really cares about his clients and was very responsive to every question I had during my legal issues. All legal issues were resolved and I was very happy with the results. Highly recommended!

5 Micah Harris via

5 Kim Bynaker via

I would highly recommend this law firm in any of your legal matters. Especially attorney Joshua Wilson. I reached out to this law firm for some assistance in a matter and Mr. Wilson immediately called me back, shiwed an interest that he cared and did what he said he would do. At the end of the day, I really didn’t have a legal matter buy he explained why, was honest, and what really shocked me was he didn’t even charge me a penny. Yes you all heard me right someone who was honest and helped without charging me. Where do you find that these days. Awesome, friendly, and pleasant. A+ highly recommend.

5 Cara Jett via

Josh is the best attorney ever.  Super kind and very patient.  He truly fights for you.  I’m so impressed and I highly recommend his services! Thank you Josh!!

5 bhok reyes  via

They took care of my case well. Highly recommended. Thank you NovaLegalGroup and Spencer!

5 Linda McKethan via

If you need a lawyer run the this firm

5 Le’onna Allen via

From the day I received their business card in the mail up until the last day of court was ABOVE & BEYOND what I expected. The firm were very diligent with returning phone calls, answering question & not to mention the rate I received was a whole 3k difference from surround firms. That in itself says a lot about their goal to really HELP people who aren’t as fortunate to have thousands of dollars lying around. Upon meeting my attorney, Mr. Spencer Reiss, he was brutally honest with me but also super optimistic. He allowed me to vent, express the inhumanity I felt towards me & spoke his PEACE in return which prepared me for the upcoming fight for my life. At 37yo, I had NEVER been in trouble, only had a seat belt ticket from waaaaay back & the City of Fredericksburg was attempting to paint me out to be the exact opposite of what my record showed. Mr. Reiss assured me that he would fight for me with everything in him & that’s exactly what he did. After many attempts to get my charges dropped, Mr. Reiss was able to get me THE BEST DEAL possible with the charges I had (Felony Possession w/ Intent of a Scheduled I or II drug & also Felony Possession of another Scheduled I or II drug). He was able to work with the prosecutor & seal a deal that would drop one Felony completely & the other was dropped to a misdemeanor Possession which only required me to do 2.5 days…not to mention, this AMAZING MAN even drove my car to the jail & caught an uber back to Fredericksburg so that my car wouldn’t be towed and so that I could immediately return to my city Richmond, VA as soon as I was released. TALK ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL SOUL! Not only is my GOD AWESOME but he supplied me with an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G attorney along this emotional Rollercoaster of a journey. I can now BREATHE as it it all behind me & I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND MR. SPENCER REISS to anyone who maybe facing charges they feel will hinder them in the future or simply cause a ruckus in their everyday life. If I could, I’d say….SPENCER FOR PRESIDENT lol but then who would FIGHT FOR US IN COURT?? THANKS SPENCER, I’LL NEVER FORGET HOW HARD YOU WENT FOR ME!

5 Danish Danish via

Thank you for representing me at the court today!

5 Zaid AlBanna via

I picked NoveLegalGroup by chance. I was not really sure what I was getting myself into. As the case progressed, NoveLegalGroup gained my trust and made me feel that I have an advocate on my side. Thank you.

5 Jon Cupo via

Not a moment went by through the entire legal process, where I felt any hesitation about the results from NovaLegalGroup. I was nervous, anxious and worried up until I connected with them, and they kept me calm and collected, while also reducing what initially was a serious charge, into a simple traffic citation. Law can be intimidating, but NovaLegalGroup makes you confident in the process when YOU feel you’ve been wronged in a case. I thank them, and the entire team, with the purest of sincerity.

5 deantee ellerbee via

Thank you Mr..Chris perfect representation from you guys I’m glad I got ahold of done a great job with my case and everything you have done for it..both cases I will definitely use again and spread the word again thank you for making it possible

5 Alem G via

I had a great experience with Nova Legal Group. I highly recommend Attorney Spencer Reiss, who was very responsive, professional, and caring. He made great recommendations and was able to address my concerns.

5 Tony Topuria via

5 Randy Dowdy via

Spencer Reiss did an excellent job. He was detailed, very proficient, and personable. I would highly recommend his services and the NOVA Legal Group to all clients for their legal needs.

5 Davis Casani via

Mr. Reiss was a very good lawyer! Helpful, and answered every question that I had. Would recommend to anyone

5 Leybi Herrera via

Excellent service

5 Collin Ruth via

: Phenomenal work. Spencer really helped me out

5 Yung Blacck via

My family and I want to personally thank Joshua Wilson, Spencer Reiss, and the whole Nova Legal Group for reviewing my case and working diligently to come to a positive outcome. They were very professional, determined, and confident in winning. They have our vote!

5 David Austin via

Mr. Wilson provided top-tier blue chip counsel. His knowledge of how things would appear if we accepted the first offer from the DA helped prevent the stigma that could be attached to a reckless driving ticket. Having not had a ticket in ten years, Mr. Wilson still took the time to walk me through all of my legal options. So, I walked out of the court with a minor speeding infraction, a little bit of fine & the knowledge that Mr. Wilson’s services were absolutely worth the time and the money. Do not pass go, do not show up for court alone, please call Mr. Wilson. You won’t regret it!

5 truc tran (Vu) via

I was referred to Nova Legal Group by my family friend. This is our first time ever need an attorney for legal matters. Mr Spencer Reiss was assigned to my case. Reiss is professional, step by step He walked us through the process, explaining the case, and advising our options. Mr. Reiss respects our decision and makes sure that we understand and feel comfortable with the outcome.
I surely hope you would never be in the situation that requires a lawyer but if you do I recommend Nova legal group. A five star for this group.

5 Linny Pham via

Amazing group of Professional Lawyers with excellent customer service. They are versed in their areas of criminal & moving traffic violations/injuries. I was waiting on a return call from another law firm, but Chris Jacob picked up immediately when I contacted the Nova Legal Group. Mr. Jacob gave me his word with confidence and executed flawlessly in court to get my case dismissed. Also kudos to Mr. Joshua Wilson for completing my case to the end. Highly recommend this group for your legal defense!

5 Deidra Bryant via

Excellent representation from this group! Hopefully I won’t need them again, but if I do find myself in a situation I will reach out to them for representation! THANKS Mr. Jacobs for your honesty of the possible outcomes and fighting an uphill battle and winning!

5 meech via

5 STARS! Spencer Reiss worked hard to get me a good deal! Ask for him if you need help litigating anything in court!

5 Amer Obede via

I needed a lawyer for a car accident related case and I could not have found any better law firm than NovaLegalGroup. Very professional, organized, and responsive. Mr. Ryan Herold represented me and got the case dismissed!! Appreciate your legal counsel, Ryan!!

5 JC Waka via

Keith Allen went above and beyond in advising me on my legal situation.  He is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I would wholeheartedly recommend.

5 Justin Hill via

First legal battle in my life at 27, facing a A&B charge that I carried on my shoulders for a year and half dwelling about my future but after my first representation in court with them I felt more confident and comfortable. The second time we went to ourt my charges were dismissed. Great people very friendly and kind, if you have any questions they are more than there for you they will be by your side. Very professional, highly recommended. Thank you again NovaLegalGroup and Joshua Wilson!

5 Elizabeth Hughes via

I confidently recommend Nova Legal Group, P.C. The team worked diligently to get my misdemeanor charge totally dismissed before we went to trial. Spencer Reiss was good-natured and patient. He also demonstrated good procedural and strategic acumen. There is nothing worse than being wrongfully accused. Being believed by this team and “vindicated” in the eyes of the law was worth every penny. I appreciate the firm very much.

5 Suzanne Mishler via

Needed a solution to my situation asap ! Spencer Provided me with fast and effective results ! Highly recommend their services!!

5 John Foley via

I was in a bad situation and Joshua Wilson with the Nova Legal Group gave me great guidance to help me get my case dismissed relieving me of a very stressful situation. Thank you! I would recommend Nova Group.

5 Michael Quintanilla via

5 STARS! Spencer Reiss worked hard to get me a good deal! Ask for him if you need help litigating anything in court!

5 Hubert Avery via

5 Lamar Harris via

5 Donte Bland via

I got into an accident and was charged with a misdemeanor. They were able to prove that I was not guilty of negligence and they got my case dismissed. They were very clear and straight on what I had to do in order to get the best results for me and my family. I am extremely satisfied with how everything turned out. Thank you Nova Legal Group

5 Ramona Logan via

5 M. O. Woodbridge – VA via

Most lawyers will advise you that a conviction of Reckless Driving in Virginia has the potential to complicate your life. So, finding a lawyer with experience in handling Reckless Driving violations with an excellent record of success was essential. I have some background in legal training myself, so I knew aggressive-talk about one’s excellent legal or courtroom abilities was cheap! I narrowed my search to three (3) Law Firms based on testimonials and high-ranking reviews from past clients and decided to interview these lawyers myself prior to retaining their services. Attorney Josh Wilson from The NovaLegal Group, P.C. was the first to return my call. He was professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and answered all my questions. Most important, he explained the process and managed my expectations well. I knew then that NovaLegal Group was the right team for me, yet I felt it was prudent to compare and evaluate at least 3 consultations. I waited for the other two (2) remaining firms until one called much later in the day, and the other responded the following day. It turned out that my initial instincts were right about the NovaLegal Group. They are not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. Moreover, the level of preparation that they spent on my case was exceptional because they covered every angle to effectuate the best possible outcome. I did not have to appear in person but there’s something reassuring about knowing you have solid legal muscle on your side if you must go to court for any reason. So, I was very impressed and overjoyed when Attorney Spencer Reiss called on the court date to let me know that my case was dismissed before it even began. DISMISSED!! DONE!!! I hope I never need their services again but here are some reasons why I will not hesitate to retain them in the future: • Free initial consultation, • Flat fee retainer, • Prompt response and attention to all my phone calls and emails, • Experienced and excellent trial preparation, • Above all, solid record of success! Thank you, NovaLegal Group. I am very grateful!

5 Amir O via

I needed a lawyer for a car accident related case and I could not have found any better law firm than NovaLegalGroup. Very professional, organized, and responsive. Mr. Ryan Herold represented me and got the case dismissed!! Appreciate your legal counsel, Ryan!!

5 Sean Bailey via

Favorable outcome and professional service. Highly recommended.

5 Lorenzo Valdez via

On a referral I engaged this firm to work on my behalf on a totally bogus accusation from my ex-wife. NovaLegalGroup took care of my problem in a professional and responsive. I have no intention of ever running afoul of the law but if something should happen, NLG will be the first call I make.

5 Greg Brooks via

My favorite lawyers ive ever had. They are so professional!! Very educated lawfirm. Ive had two lawyers here. Mr. Jones used to work here, he was amazing. Mr jacobs was my most recent. He is phenomenal! Ive had several cases through them. Mulitples dui’s and a felonly case. They helped me to the fullest and i got very good results! Without them i probably wouldnt be sitting here typing this! Very affordable payments for me! Super friendly and understanding. They even helped me in a free case for being loyal to them. You would be crazy to not call this lawfirm. Dont second guess and give them a call today!! Everyone here is amazing and they care about there results and relationships with there client. Also again affordable payments!!!

5 Treysean Matthon via

They took care of case well , and was very supportive throughout the whole case.

5 Cordero Carr via

Everything was excellent about them. professionalism. Responsive.. very happy with results. Spencer Reese got my case dismissed and took so much worry off me.. I truly recommend.

5 Treysean Matthon via

They took care of case well , and was very supportive throughout the whole case.

5 Howard P via

The attorneys and staff at Nova legal group are top notch! The have made the best of terrible situation for me, special kudos to Mr. Spencer Reese for his expertise in negotiations! Thank you gentleman thank you very much!

5 Anthony Magnole via

Spencer Reiss provided fantastic representation. Mr. Reiss was able to reduce my charges, but more impressively, was able to console me on what I had to proactively do to get the charges reduced: community service, character reference letters, and state mandated courses. His representation resulted in me receiving the minimum penalty. He made himself available to me 24/7, to include weekends. Would highly recommend – easy to work with and his work ethic is unmatched.

5 Jim OMeara via

Spencer with the Nova Legal Group represented me on a Reckless driving charge with some direction from counsel i took the driver improvement course ahead of time and he was able to have my case dismissed. Great law office I would highly recommend them if you need a lawyer.

5 Sharon Montiel via

My husband and I are very happy with NovaLegal group. Mr.Reiss is Great and helped us out alot. We are very grateful and would definitely be recommending him to our friends and family. 10/10!

5 Teman Wyche via

I have had two cases working with Josh and Spencer. During my process they both assured I had what I needed and also made me feel comfortable knowing they are doing everything in their power to make things right. Great attorneys!

5 Michael Wilson via

Great firm and great lawyers. Highly recommend.

5 David & Kim via

We are very pleased with the outstanding legal services provided by NovaLegalGorup and specifically Josh WIlson, Esq. He handled our very complex case professionally and gave us the utmost confidence in the outcome from our first discussion. He skillfully guided us through the process and of course achieved the outcome we needed. We strongly recommend Mr. Wilson and NovaLegalGroup.

5 Sheila Montgomery via

Spencer Reiss represented our legal matter and I must say, he was top notch. Spencer is personable and professional in representing legal matters. I highly recommend.

5 JC ML via

the people who work there are great.

5 anonymous via

I would say Keith is the most thoughtful and caring lawyer with dedication I have ever seen. He even works for us on the Christmas Eve! He really cares his clients which already makes him stands out. He considers everything for you by standing in your shoes, he provides all the possiblities and then fights for you the best solution that you think. If I ever knew Keith earlier, many outcomes may be changed to a much better way… I would highly recommend Keith if you needs legal help.

5 Marthaelena Bravo via

The NOVA Legal Group firm is excellent!!!! During the pandemic, I reached out after hours in the evening in regards to an expungement. My call was picked up right away! Attorney Christopher Jacob got my expungement granted today and I cannot be happier!! 100% recommend!

5 Phuong Hoang via

Absolutely the BEST ATTORNEYS EVER!!

5 Neil via

My attorney, Chris Jones, provided direct and honest information about all aspects of my case. His interaction with the court insured me the best outcome to be expected.

5 Derek Van De Walle via

The best law firm in the area for what they do. my opinion: Service received from this Law Firm was unique and satisfactory: Spencer Reiss provides professional advice, communicates with his clients, and is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. The rest of the staff is very friendly and does their best to get you the answers you need.

5 Beth Ann via

Joshua Wilson provided a very comprehensive consultation of our legal case. Their firm truly helped us gain a thorough understanding of each charge and were able to quickly discern the underlying issues w/ our case. Their staff was poised, articulate, compassionate, and selflessly provided their legal guidance. We truly value their legal knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is obvious this firm goes above and beyond to obtain the best results for their clients.

5 Ann Hoang via

I was in a very complex legal situation where I was charged with 5 serious traffic and criminal traffic violations, but none of which I committed.
However, I was fortunate enough to hire Mr. Hallam. After painstaking research and talks with several witnesses, he has resolved the case very efficiently. Mr. Hallam made the whole process very easy and efficient. He was also very friendly and supportive. I highly recommend him for the best legal experience.

5 Tom via

Fantastic representation! I had originally planned to handle my case with a court appointed attorney. At my first court date I was rudely awakened to say the least because I wasn’t aware of the seriousness of the charge I was facing. Being out of work at the time, I web searched the legal aide society and the nova legal group popped up. I contacted them and they set up an appointment with me for the following day. I met with the staff explained my situation and they, much to my surprise made it affordable for me to retain them. It took 2 court dates. The first one was to relieve the public defender of their duty, and at the following date my case was resolved. Much to my satisfaction! I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal representation in any criminal case as you won’t be disappointed. Very personable and professional and they held my best interest as priority. I hope I never need legal help again, but if i do I’ll know who to call. Thank you all for help I couldn’t have asked for a better job well done!

5 Tim Mureithi via

I was charged of a crime and Nova Legal Group was able to resolve the issue in timely manner. They were professional and timely in responding to any concerns I had about the matter.

5 Opatah Jeddy via

Outstanding Customer service and legal representative

5 Ann via

I was in a very complex legal issue regarding being blamed for 5 serious traffic and criminal traffic motor vehicle charges-none of which I committed. I was very lucky to have Mr. Hallam help me. After painstaking research and talking to various witnesses, he was able to prove that the “official charges” were completely wrong and that these charges were under someone with almost the same name as I do. Mr. Hallam is an excellent attorney and I am grateful that he had put in his best effort for my case.

5 A Former Client via

I had a minor but bothersome issue on a litigation, and Nova Legal Group were extremely efficient, very effective and I am 100% pleased with the results they drove, and I am also quite impressed they managed to do my work and obtain the favorable resolution ahead of schedule during the year of COVID. And I think their fee structure is easy to work with and very reasonable.

5 Todd via

Joshua was amazing! He was quick to respond to my needs. Diligent in finding ways to resolve my case. Made me feel very reassured and informed through out the entire process. Joshua saved me time, money and potential long term legal headaches. If your looking for help I would highly recommend you contact this attorney. My case was dismissed only because of the time Joshua spent researching my issue. Every one involved went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of professionally

5 Lilyann Octavia Harrison via

Keith was amazing! He has a wealth of knowledge. He was friendly, resourceful, and compassionate. I would highly recommend Nova Legal Group to anybody. They are now my number 1 law office.

5 Kadeen Wiggins via

Top notch. These guys have helped me through it all. They made me feel safe while not sugarcoating and breaking down what was happening in my situation in layman’s terms. If I’m ever in any legal trouble (again) in the future; I know who I’m calling.

5 Chip via

I was fortunate enough to be represented by Keith and his Team of Fantastic Attorneys. Mr. Hallam was more than willing work with me financially and made me feel as comfortable and confident about my case as I possibly could after our initial meeting. He spent several hours with me going over every detail and outcome possible. He then had John represent me in court, and with his honesty, kindness and intellect he was able to keep me reassured and confident through out the process while representing me with the expertise that I would want from a professional attorney. In the end the best possible outcome was achieved and my case was dropped, just as Mr. Hallam had initially suspected. I highly recommend NovaLegalGroup to anyone who is in need of a Honest, Caring and Professional group of Attorneys.

5 Janeil Gray via

Best lawyers hands down ! I used them 2 times. Each case they did their homework and I was pleased with the outcome !

5 James Ferguson via

Very helpful and knowledgeable! They really are kind and look out for you. More than most I’ve ever seen to be honest.

5 Bich via

Lots ồf Lawyers out there. But, I think Mr Hallam is the best. I hỉred him for a serious charge. He represented me in Court and gọt My charge dismissed. See why I think he is the BEST !!

5 Missy Bollinger via

Wonderful service. They took care of everything in a very quick and thorough manner. They even gave me advice of what to do in the future to protect myself. I would definitely recommend them, as I am one happy customer!

5 Shawn M via

I highly recommend them, they were able to get my charge dismissed, I’m so thankful for the results , they will look into your case and work for the best possible outcome, I am pleased and will recommend all my family and friends here.

5 Benson via

I would like to recommend Nova Legal Group for their outstanding services. I got the opportunity to be represented by this firm for a serious traffic charge and the lawyer worked to get the charges dropped to a $25 fine. The second time , I was financially strapped to pay my legal bills but he worked with me and still got my case dropped to improper driving. That is why he deserves a 5 Star rating for their outstanding services.

5 Michael Wilson via

Great firm and great lawyers. Highly recommend.

5 kathim muala via

Spencer Reiss represented me and he did a great job. I would recommend him.

5 Jeff via

Mr. Hallam contacted me within minutes after sending a request on Avvo and he was very thorough during our consultation session. Additionally, he was professional and candid and I really appreciated his willingness to help. Overall, although I only worked with him briefly (my case was not worth going to trial for), I was very impressed and will seek his counsel or service when I need his help in the future.

5 Danny Hughes via

Excellent law firm that builds trust with there clients.

5 Nick Otero via

Ryan Herold has been outstanding in handling my case. He is very communicative and responded to everything in a timely manner and with a sense of urgency!

5 Anonymous via

Starting from the initial contact with Attorney O Keith Hallam Jr and his law firm that is Nova Legal Group, I found them more than lawyers. They clearly own you and your problem as their own problem to settle it in most amicable manner. The larceny case in US Federal District Court against me and my wife was handled by Attorney Hallam in a way that they got it dismissed in totality. Mr Hallam not only took on the case for me but also coordinated to arrange the best attorney for my wife as well. He remained proactive and engaged the prosecutor with great wisdom for dismissal of the case. Throughout the legal process, he kept me up to date on all likely legal situations with best legal solutions. I attribute the dismissal of charges against me to professional wisdom of Attorney O Keith Hallam Jr and his law firm, Nova Legal Group. I must mention that Attorney Hallam Jr has been fully ethical in his dealing and charged minimal fee for his services, he has been extremely considerate in this regard as well. Thankful for your support and unflinching resolve to help me in this difficult time.

5 Keith Hallam via

The attorneys at NovaLegalGroup,P.C. are aggressive, intelligent and compassionate. They will develop a personalized “Plan of Action” to meet your legal needs and give you an Extended Payment Plan to meet your personal financial needs

5 Kristin Brown via

Helpful and supportive. Always incredibly prepared and answered my questions quickly.

5 Fabrice via

After getting into a car accident, I began looking for representation. I contacted 3 to 4 different law firms that either never got back to me, had a full mailbox or had a very short conversation with. Keith, who works long hours, immediately called back and this being my first accident, walked me through the entire process. From that initial conversation, I knew I wanted his representation because he was extremely thorough. I felt confident and at ease working with Mr. Hallam. The only thing I needed to worry about was physical therapy and getting healthy and the rest was taken care of. Mr. Hallam ALWAYS replied to my emails, text messages and phone calls. I was so impressed with his services that when I was rear-ended on 395 almost a year later, there was no question in my mind as to who would represent me. I could go on about how pleased I was with his service to the maximum character limit. This is an excellent law firm.

5 Keith Hallan via

This law firm makes every efforts to help clients

5 Will Cooke via

Spencer Reiss is an exceptional attorney. I would highly recommend.

5 Anonymous via

I recently had Keith Hallam represent me after canvassing two other attorneys. Mr Hallam was very honest about what he aims to achieve on your behalf. Not only was he efficient and communicative with me throughout the entire process, he was vey compassionate. I very much appreciated Mr Hallam’s help and I could not be happier with the outcome of his service.

5 Jose Cisco Granados via

5 stars

5 Mauricio Balta via

Very professional law firm with attentive and responsible people willing to help.

5 Wendy via

From the beginning this firm has always been very professional and they have always been very responsive to my emails and calls in a very timely manner. I handed them a complicated case and John Spurlock along with the rest of the legal team got me the greatest outcome that I could ever ask for. Even when the prosecutor was trying to give a harsher judgement to the judge my attorney never gave up and fought even harder. This firm is the best and they even have a payment plan. I did my research on other firms and I went with this company because I wanted the best and this company excited my expectations. I highly recommend this company.

5 Brian Mills via

Joshua Wilson and Christopher Jacob are the two attorneys that I have been working with from Nova Legal Group. I have been very impressed so far, I have absolute confidence I could not have made a better choice. I definitely recommend this firm to anyone who may require their services.

5 Sharda via

Keith really made sure I understood my case and kept me informed every step of the way. Joshua Also assisted on my case and made sure I had all the information I needed, and did a great job on getting back to me so quickly. I know they’re very busy, but they always made time to answer my calls or emails. I had another injury a few months later and called Keith to work on a second case for me and I am so happy I did. I would recommend NovaLegalGroup in a heartbeat. I really appreciate how much they care and I also loved getting a nice settlement because of their hard work.

5 Sara Wilson via

They are great. Highly recommend

5 Beth Ann via

Mr. Hallam and his senior attorney, Joshua Wilson provided a very comprehensive consultation of our legal case. Their firm truly helped us gain a thorough understanding of each charge and were able to quickly discern the underlying issues w/ our case. Their staff was poised, articulate, compassionate, and selflessly provided their legal guidance.

We truly value their legal knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is obvious this firm goes above and beyond to obtain the best results for their clients.

5 Wenbo Xia via

I would say Keith is the most thoughtful and caring lawyer with dedication I have ever seen. He even works for us on the Christmas Eve! He really cares his clients which already makes him stands out. He considers everything for you by standing in your shoes, he provides all the possibilities and then fights for you the best solution that you think. If I ever knew Keith earlier, many outcomes may be changed to a much better way… I would highly recommend Keith if you needs legal help.

5 Anonymous via

I faced a serious felony charge of drug possession last year and I spoke to many defense attorneys who quoted much higher rates well above my means. Mr. Hallam was the first and only attorney in the NOVA region who gave me a run down of the possible outcomes and what he could do to help. He was sympathetic of my fears of being convicted and I wholeheartedly trusted him with my case.

Before my court date, Mr. Hallam offered valuable advice and was always available to talk on the phone (even calling me back after hours) to answer my questions. He is clearly an intelligent, hardworking lawyer who think outside of the box in legal arguments and strategies while upholding ethical standards. I followed Keith’s advice by completing my community service, obtaining letters of recommendation, taking drug tests, and attending drug education courses. In the end, Mr. Hallam was able to negotiate with the prosecutor on my behalf and my charges have finally been dismissed. I am eternally grateful for Mr. Hallam’s help during this difficult time of my life.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, you will not regret contacting Mr. Hallam. He is simply the best and knows the court system inside and out. The law office offers flexible payment plans and Mr. Hallam is usually available in the afternoons after court. I have also spoken to Mr. Hallam’s associates who were all very helpful and courteous.

5 Olivia Hanna via

Mr. Joshua is an excellent attorney and he is very respectful. I really recommend him to any one. Mr. Joshua was helping me to understand everything related to my case and he was really taking care of my situation. He was calling before the court date to remind me and make sure I will be there. He was answering all my questions and when I call him while he is busy he returns my call back the same day. I really appreciate him and all he has done to me. Please don’t waste your time in any other law firm just got to novel legal group and ask about Mr. Joshua.

5 Teresa via

I could not have asked for a more professional and understanding lawyer. Nova Legal Group ;Keith Hallam Jr. kept me up to date and helped me along the way with any questions and concerns i had regarding my case. I was rear- ended and sustained injuries which required therapy and a long road to recovery. Keith Hallam and his team made this period in my life a bit more comfortable for me.

5 Amanda Cherry via

Knowledgeable, considerate group of people. Always very responsive to phone calls and emails and were recognized and well respected by fellow lawyers and prosecutors in the NOVA area. Will be using this law firm again for the second part of my case.

5 Hai via

Mr. Hallam is a very experienced, compassionate,,and successful lawyer. If you want the best legal representation available, then hire Mr. Hallam. I’ve been a client of his several times over the past 4 years and have been able to see him in action, in court.
Mr. Hallam is always very proactive and aggressive, in and out of court. The results I have received have always been much better than I had ever hoped for or expected to receive.
I very much recommend mr. Hallam to anyone who needs legal representation

5 Zeke Shif via

I can’t thank Joshua Wilson at Nova Legal group enough for his great advice on Virginia traffic law. I believe I’m being mistakenly charged for a traffic violation by an irate officer, and with Joshua’s consultation, I was able to pinpoint exactly where in the law that issues may arise at trial, which I believe will most likely lead to a dismissal. My appreciation for Joshua’s friendliness, generosity, and expertise cannot be overstated.

5 Teji via

Mr. Hallam is a superb lawyer. He did a great job for me which resulted in a good result. He is passionate about his work and clients and strives to achieve the best result. In addition to being a high caliber professional, he is compassionate and takes a personal interest in the case.

5 Josh Riquelme via

I’ve received great service from nova legal group

5 Caroline via

Mr. Hallam is a very accomplished and knowledgeable attorney with a positive, can-do attitude. He is confident and assertive in both the courtroom and negotiating with the opposition. With clients, Mr. Hallam is patient and understanding. He has excellent follow through and successfully delivers on the outcome he promises. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of a top-notch attorney to win any type of criminal or traffic case — be it the most complicated or run-of-the-mill.

I recently received a false citation for reckless driving after my unoccupied vehicle malfunctioned and rolled into two other vehicles. The ticketing officer lied and said I was driving. Mr. Hallam was the sixth attorney I spoke with about my citation, but he was the first attorney who was able to gain my confidence that he could and would get my case dismissed.

This is because Mr. Hallam took the time to thoroughly understand my case. In fact, when we first spoke, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that he had already carefully read all my case related documents previously faxed to his office. Mr. Hallam then spent nearly two hours patiently discussing every aspect of the charges levied against me including all possible outcomes. By the end of our conversation, I knew Mr. Hallam had the professional background and expert knowledge of my case to get it dismissed.

At court, the police officer stubbornly resisted the dismissal of my case. Therefore, Mr. Hallam spent two hours patiently deliberating the facts with both the officer and the prosecutor. Ultimately, because he had excellent preparation and a thorough knowledge of my case details, he was able to reveal that the officer had no proof of the charges, and so the prosecutor dismissed my case entirely.

Mr. Hallam is a knowledgeable, honest, and expert attorney, who has a confident demeanor that was reassuring every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.

5 Lillian Harrison via

Keith was amazing! Out of all the attorney’s I spoke with he was the only to advise me on what I needed to do. He was very knowledgeable and give me sooo much info. Speaking with him was definitely a breath of fresh air. I can now more forward in confident knowing that I have Nova Legal Group on my side!

5 Anonymous via

I appreciate Attorney Hallam working with me at the 11th hour. He explained everything and made me feel at easy. I had the best outcome and was very pleased.

5 Clara Sigmon via

I worked with Keith and Josh to get a few legal questions answered. They were thorough, HONEST, empathetic, and patient in listening to and answering all of my questions. They leave no room for doubt or error, and I felt so at ease after speaking with them. I put their number in my contacts and will be recommending them to everyone I know. These are the attorneys you want on your team.

5 Anonymous via

Mr. Hallam continuously exceeded all expectations. I fielded about a dozen attorneys before choosing Mr Hallam, and my choice could not have been better. Very knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and experienced, there Mr. Hallam fought for me and delivered results better than many of the other attorneys promised. You will not be disappointed!!

5 Alex Lange via

This is a great law firm that will do everything it can to get you the best result possible for your particular situation. Josh and Keith have some of the best reputations in the Northern Virginia legal community, and they won’t hesitate to give it to you straight. Not everyone is happy with the result of their case, but at least with this firm you know you’ll be given the best shot you could ask for. Highly recommend.

5 Melissa via

I am writing this review on behalf of my wonderful attorney, Mr. Hallam. When I first spoke with him on the phone, Mr. Hallam spent over one hour talking to me, getting to know me and reassuring me that he could help me. He is an incredibly smart, caring individual and from the very beginning, I always felt that things were going to be ok because I trusted him. He is a very special person because he helped me get through the most stressful situation I’ve ever been in. Mr. Hallam is well respected in the courtroom. He knows the judges and prosecutors and their respect for him is very clear. Mr. Hallam was able to get my case dismissed and soon he is going to help me get it expunged completely. He told me that we would work to get the best possible outcome and that’s exactly what happened. I would recommend him highly. If you are looking for an attorney to help you, there is just no one better than Mr. Hallam. Because of him, I can move forward with my life. Thank you, Mr. Hallam!!!!!!!

5 Malachi Phillips via

My lawyer did an outstanding job. I was faced with a serious charge and it was reduced. He was confident, honest and straightforward. I am so blessed and thankful I had them defending me!

5 Kristina via

Mr. Hallam was different than all of the other attorneys I met with. He actually cares about my future. He helped me turn my life around and wanted me to be completely honest throughout my case. Most attorneys just want to win and don’t necessarily Carr about making an impact on your life. If you want someone who cares about the person you are now and the person you can become chose Mr. Hallam. My case was dismissed because of the recommendactions made by him. My case wasn’t a small one either. I was facing 2 felony charges and was scared to death. Other attorneys said they would fight to get it dropped to a misdeameanor but Mr. Hallam got it totally dismissed. I had to work for it and you may need to as welol before trial but it was so worth it. Mr. Hallam invested in me and now I help others going through similar issues.

5 Juan Robinson via

From my initial encounter talking to the staff to get setup with their help down to speaking with Mr. Hallam himself on the day of my court appearance, I felt very well cared for and in the best legal position my circumstances would allow. Their office exceeded my expectation. I’m grateful and still thanking them!

5 Diamond via

I am more than grateful that Mr. Hallam and his colleagues were able to help me with my case. I was facing a DUI with a BAC greater than .20, and I was involved in an accident. He fought for me and had my back the whole way. When it came down to my trial everything was dismissed by the grace of God, I am truly blessed. I recently recommended one of my friends to his office. Im for certain that he will fight for them the same way he fought for me. He let me know the brutal truth about my case and didnt give me false hope. I will forever be thankful for what Mr. Hallam did for me. And I will always recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney. Thank you all so much for all of your help, I am beyond grateful. 🙂

5 Tom Britton via

Nova legal group represented me in Loudoun County on a criminal case. I had originally planned to handle the case with a public defender because I did’nt realize the seriousness of the matter. After going to my first court date i was rudely awakened to say the least. That’s when i made the call to nova legal group.Without going into extreme detail, I will say this, the team took over and my case was resolved at the next court date much to my satisfaction. I would recommend nova legal group to anyone that needs legal help. They are prompt, courteous and they make sure your comfortable with everything they do before they do it. Very personable and professional. Thank you all for great work in handling my case!

5 Paul via

During my selection of legal representation, I sought distinct personal qualities within my attorney. I found that Mr. Hallam had a high level of integrity and knowledge, and seemed genuinely concerned about my case as an individual, rather than just a number. I expected the best he had to offer and he delivered.

5 Robin Ajani via

The folks at Nova Legal Group were professional, courteous and effective. They worked to a resolution of my issue that was better than I had hoped for. I highly recommend their law firm.

5 Todd via

Wanted to express how amazing my treatment was with Keith and his associates. Jumped on my case immediately. Got things resolved very affordably and in a timely manner with out the run around I have received with prior counsel. Followed up with me after my court date which I felt was wonderful. Keith and his team are proffession, prompt, and worked quickly to resolve my case. I would highly recommend Keith for your next attorney. Everything from the person receiveing the calls to returning my calls was handle professionally. I would definitely choose Kieth again in the future

5 Hai Hoang via

WOW! This firm is amazing. Their lawyers are experienced, compassionate, and successful. If you want the best legal representation then this the firm for you!
I’ve been a client several times over the past 4 years. I’ve gotten to see their lawyers in action, in court, on three separate occasions.
They are always proactive and aggressive, and their office always has gotten results, that were much better than I had even hoped or expected. I would recommend them to anyone!

5 Jim via

I retained both Mr. Hallum and his law partner Mr. Joshua Wilson for several driving on suspended license charges that I had accumulated over a period of time in 2012-2013. The charges were in different jurisdictions and one, in particular, through the luck of the draw, had us face to face with a well-known tough judge.
I was facing realistically 1 yr in jail per charge, due to my driving history, and with 3 separate charges, I was looking at some MAJOR life altering time, and was scared and stressed as to what would happen to my company, my family and myself.
There is simply only one thing to say at this point:
My first call to the office put me in contact with Fred, who within 5 minutes was able to put some order to the chaotic issue I had, with his professionalism, calming demeanor and knowledge, (and he wasn’t even the attorney)! I started relaxing a bit and was able to better discuss my case as a result of this mans handling of my phone call.
I had many occasions to talk with Fred, and was always made to feel a little better afterwards. Fred has the unusual qualities of both sincerity AND efficiency. Rarities in this world.
Now on to Mr Hallum and Mr Wilson.
IN ALL REPRESENTATIONS IN COURT, and in our conversations either by phone, mail, or meeting, with both of these two fine attorneys, I was impressed so much with their INTEGRITY. What do I mean?
Well, first off, they talked to me straight, factual, and not sugar coating anything!
I had, in fact, very serious life-altering charges against me.
They could have promised the world and just taken my money. Instead, I received excellent council, very sobering advice, and top notch representation!
I was kept informed at every juncture in the process. They are very experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they both knew HOW TO COMMUNICATE THESE BAFFLING EVENTS THAT WERE ABOUT TO OCCUR IN A WAY THAT I COULD UNDERSTAND!!!
The results speak for themselves. Facing a total of 3 years or more in jail, on three separate charges, and in different jurisdictions, I served 7 days on one charge, 7 days on the second, and only 15 days community service on the third charge!!
And now the punchline! Since the year 1999, I had 8, thats right, EIGHT, prior driving on suspended charges, before ever dialing their office!!! These two men were able to represent me, to the courts in the best, AND MOST TRUTHFUL, light possible.
They communicated effectively to the court that, in spite of my record, I was a hard working man my entire adult life, among other virtues, and they were able to convince the court to have some mercy in my sentencing, for I was absolutely guilty of the charges.
Additionally, they worked with me on their fees. Allowing me to make payments, and even discounting the payments, occasionally, if I paid a little early!
I give the absolute highest recommendation to this legal TEAM!!!
Thank you sincerely, Mr Hallum, Mr Wilson, and Fred. JIM

5 Chip S via

Keith and his team of Attorneys are True Professionals who actually care about their clients. They will go out of their way to work with you and make sure that you get the best outcome possible. I was represented by John who is a an extremely Kind and Intelligent individual, and one heck of an Attorney. THANKS NLG!

5 Alex via

After being a previous client of Mr. Hallam a multitude of times, I have had the pleasure of working directly with him on a number of instances. Every time I have approached his office, I have benefited from generous payment plans, knowledgeable initial advisements, and expert approaches when it came to my particular cases. From my own personal experience, Mr. Hallam has remained relentless in the pursuit of forwarding the best possible outcome for his clients while maintaining a professional and welcoming composure. I would highly recommend him to anyone and continue to do so to this day.

5 Eric McClain via

This firm is amazing to say the least. Alexander Lange was by my side from start to finish. From the original consultation to being with me in the court room, to the reminder emails and keeping me updated on progress. If your finding yourself in need of a lawyer, your usually not too happy about it, but having the support of this firm was truly comforting. They work with you every step of the way and their confidence and pride in their work is excellent. The way they represent and cater to their clients is 100% genuine and that is hard to come by. I would recommend this firm to anyone and while I hope I won’t need their services, will always have them at the top of my list.

5 Tamera via

I highly recommend Attorney O. Keith Hallam Jr. and his dedicated staff. Mr. Hallam helped on two separate occasions regarding vehicle accidents I had been involved in. Both times I was not at fault but the other insurance companies did not want to cover all of the medical bills nor the cost of being out of work while recovering. Mr. Hallam was able to get them to cover all of my expenses along with extra for my long-term pain and suffering. Had I not hired Mr. Hallam, only my vehicle would’ve been repaired, not my bodily injuries and ensuing bills. Thanks Mr. Hallam!

5 T Le via

I was so fortunate to find Mr. Keith Hallam with Nova Legal Group Law firm who is exceptionally experienced, friendly, thorough, and a highly effective professional who helped to get my Domestic Violence charge dismissed in court. Mr. Hallam is a very nice and caring person as he takes no time to work me in after office hours for the initial meeting. The first consultation with Mr. Hallam was very reassuring as he did a fantastic job of bringing me to understanding and provides very specific legal plan tailored to my needs that would help best prepare for my case. He did such a wonderful job preparing me mentally and kept my spirit high throughout the legal case. In preparation for up to the court date, his instructions were simple enough to follow that I completed all planned tasks with readiness, certainty, and in short amount of time. He helps and coordinates every step of the way to assure all communication is proper, effective and most importantly compliance among all the parties involved. Without his legal expert guidance, I would have gone in blind, make tons of mistakes and the outcome would not have been as favorable. A domestic violence charge would have affected me professionally and personally and I am forever grateful to Mr. Hallam and his team at Nova Legal Group for their help and support.
I highly recommend Mr. Hallam and his firm to everyone and with greatest of confidence that his legal group will give the best fighting chance. Again, thank you for your superb attention to details and level of cares for your clients.

5 Sean Gannon via

I truly say that this firm has gone above and beyond to accommodate us in every way possible!! They are not only the best legal firm in the area, they put you first and they treat not just as a client but also as a friend!! We have been clients of theirs off and on for 13+ years and all of our cases have been a success and affordable.
We would give them our highest recommendation to anyone seeking their legal representation!


Impeccable customer service. Very satisfied with the performance of my attorney, went above and beyond to resolve my case. would highly recommended!

5 Imran Khalid via

By the grace of God Mr. Keith Hallam was the first lawyer I called after a quick google search when seeking help with my case. Over the course of 4 months I got to witness first hand why he and his staff had so many wonderful reviews.

Mr. Hallam is wonderful at explaining what the plan of action is step by step and in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. He’s very experienced, very smart and very understanding.

I would recommend him to any of my friends and family who needed such help.

Thank you Nova Legal Group, I wish you all the best!

5 Lan Anh Hoang via

I was in a very complex legal situation where I was charged with 5 serious traffic and criminal traffic violations, but none of which I committed.

However, I was fortunate enough to hire Mr. Hallam. After painstaking research and talks with several witnesses, he has resolved the case very efficiently. Mr. Hallam made the whole process very easy and efficient. He was also very friendly and supportive. I highly recommend him for the best legal experience.

5 Michael Wilson via

Great firm and great lawyers. Highly recommend.

5 David Maxwell via

We are very pleased with the outstanding legal services provided by NovaLegalGorup and specifically Josh WIlson, Esq. He handled our very complex case professionally and gave us the utmost confidence in the outcome from our first discussion. He skillfully guided us through the process and of course achieved the outcome we needed. We strongly recommend Mr. Wilson and NovaLegalGroup.

5 step f anderson via

I’m soo grateful NovalegalGroup for your Excellent and Professional Services, God Blessings upon the entire staff members I really appreciate you All.

5 Brian Vieth via

Professional and responsive attorneys

5 Zachary Castillo via

I very rarely write reviews, it takes alot for me to. However Keith helped me out so much with my case. He went above and beyond for me, without any hesitation. He is the attorney I will be referring to anyone I know in my situation. He helped me through all the uncomfortable times, and gave me plenty of fantastic legal advice. I appreciate all that he has done for me.

5 renee fox via

NovaLegalGroup Is the best Law Firm in Virginia. They handled my husband case in the most professional way and the outcome was outstanding.

5 Iyanna West inspirations hits via

Awesome law group

5 Gary Wayne Jr via

They got me out of my charges, and worked with me on payments. I sincerely appreciate them so much!!! Amazing team / teammates, I’d refer them to everybody!!! Thanks Again Guys!!! <33


I must say am really impressed with the services I received from Noval Legal Group. The first time was about a year ago when I called Mr. Wilson the morning of my court day. He immediately took interest in my case and walked me through what to say and do. Finally the charges was dropped from MISDEMEANOR to a fine of $25. In another instance, an officer gave me a ticket for reckless driving and once again Noval Legal Group was able to work and drop the charges to improper driving. Do not hesitate to call on them for any legal issue. They deserve a 5 star for their fiver star services.

5 kristian pedersen via

Josh was exceptional in presentation and execution. I high recommend this firm. First class.

5 Steve Winnicki via

Very friendly and knowledgeable attorneys who were easy to reach and able to answer all my questions… they were also cool enough to take a few bucks off since I paid the whole bill in cash up front

5 Amanda Baker via

So responsive and informative. I did not have a case but I had a question and they took they took a lot of time to answer it at no cost. Thank you

5 kenneth glickman via

Joshua Wilson was the best. I was charged with a serious violation of a TRO. In just 13 minutes and 3 objections, all the charges against me were dismissed. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

5 allenjhayesjr1 via

Excellent lawyers; highly recommended. Our lawyer went beyond what was expected. If you need a lawyer for anything, this is the law firm to do the job you request.

5 Steven Lee via

The attorneys here will take the time to walk your hand through the daunting court process and fight for you for a second chance. God forbid I get in trouble with the law, but if I do, I’m absolutely coming to these guys for the piece of mind.

5 Softball Girl via

Nova legal group was very helpful in helping me to avoid a DUI. There lawyers are friendly non judging and very good at what they do. If the need for legal help ever comes up again they will be my first call.

5 Pooja K via

If you are in need of an attorney then just give a call to Mr. Keith and speak to him, rest he and his team will take care.

Keith and his team are responsible, professional, committed and trustful. I spoke to few attorneys before I met Keith, they are no way comparable. His planning is so perfect and he makes you feel comfortable, without giving unachievable assurances. The way he tackles a situation is quite perfect to suit your situation and that’s where his 30 years of experience plays it’s part. They in fact achieved more than what I hoped in my case.

I still reach out to him in case of any personal advise, he never hesitates to answer my call and spend his precious time.

I highly recommend NovaLegalGroup, P.C for any legal matter.

5 Ngoc Le via

Thank you Mr. Hallam!

Recently, my family had the need to retain an attorney to help them deal with a very serious insurance/contract issue. This issue had the potential to cost my family a significant amount of money, for many years, into the future if not resolved in their favor. Fortunately, my family retained attorney O. Keith Hallam Jr. to handle this difficult matter. After several weeks of intense legal work, Mr. Hallam was able to resolve everything in my family’s favor-saving them many thousands of dollars.

5 sarah fairchild via

The NovaLegalGroup is such a great firm. The lawyers are very experienced, knowledgably, and successful. They are prepared to take on any case to help get the uttermost best outcome for you. This firm has excellent service and great follow-through; they always make sure you’re up to date with information and inform you right away of things. Joshua Wilson has always been a lawyer to count on when you are in a catastrophe with the law. He is dedicated to his work and is more than willing to work with you to suit your needs/do things in your best interest. Using this firm gives you full confidence because they’re very successful at what they do. I would definitely use this firm and recommend it to others.

5 itchel rivera via

Very caring and understanding lawyer. I would recommend to everyone!

5 Kenneth Irby via

Thank you Keith for your attention to my case and your other Lawyer who handle my case today. Excellent firm excellent Professionals Thank u

5 Matthew Cole via

Excellent law firm. Joshua Wilson did a great job handling my case and fighting for the outcome I wanted.

5 Z Abe via

I found myself in a bit of trouble and luckily called Attorney Keith Hallam. I talked to a few other Attorneys before picking him, but he seemed to be the one who best understood my case and his demeanor was by far the best.
From the moment I called him he gave me good advice on how to go about my case. He laid out a plan of action and made sure to explain to me in detail exactly what he would do. He ran through different scenarios and told me what we would do (as other options) depending on what the Prosecutor and Judge said. He pretty much predicted how things would go step by step, and worked with the other Lawyers in his firm to make sure we were going about my case the best way possible.

Hopefully I don’t find myself in trouble in the future, but if I do he’ll be my first call!

5 Sara Denninger via

Excellent attorneys, excellent customer service, excellent staff. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal services

5 Milad Nazar via

The owner is well respected in the court. The best organization to hire for attorney.

5 John Karousos via

Our family has been a client of Nova Legal Group, P.C. t/a The Law Office of O.Keith Hallam, Jr. for the past 25 years. We were represented by the firm in many aspects of the traffic and automobile insurance law, with great success. We highly recommend them for their services.

5 Theresa Dodge via

As a service member they were able to help me get my charge dropped so I could continue to serve my country. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing any legal trouble.

5 phuong hoang via

GREAT LEGAL EXPERIENCE AND OUTCOMES: I was very scared and nervous because I was facing 2 separate legal cases in which I was accused of breaking the law on 2 separate occasions in Northern Virginia.These guys at NovaLegalGroup,(Keith Hallam,Joshua Wilson and”Team”,, talked with me on the phone then in person- patiently getting all of the facts from me. Then they explained the law to me and laid out 2 customized “Plans of Action” to attack the charges against me.
So, what happened to me? Unbelievably, they got BOTH sets of charges against me DISMISSED! They were always accessible to me and always made me feel special.
I have referred both friends and family members to them, and all of them have had equally great treatment and outcomes as I did.
Why go anywhere else?

5 Randy Rr via

I would like to thank James Simmons .for working on my case and speaking for me today at court and he was doing his job well and I would choice this firm again if I have any issue in the future.

5 Max via

I needed their help when I was much younger and thankfully Joshua explained my situation well enough for me to understand. The court decision went favorable towards my situation.

5 D K via

I want to start by apologizing to attorney Keith Hallam for taking this long to write my review. I want to thank Mr. Hallam for his professional and caring service during a recent consult. My family and myself found ourselves in a situation that had nothing to do with us (can’t get into detail of case) when I got a call from a family member that police were in our home. Shortly after arriving home I realized I needed legal advice. I googled and called a referral line. I was directed to Nova Legal Group and spoke with attorney Keith Hallam. From the first moment I spoke to him to the last time I spoke with him Mr. Hallam has been very professional, kind, caring, understanding and almost like family in providing legal advice. He provided me with his cell phone number same evening as it was late at night and he had picked up my call as he was leaving his office. He availed himself for several hours that night while we dealt with the legal system providing timely legal advice to resolve the matter in a favorable outcome. I want to commend Mr. Hallam for not mentioning once about cost for his services while he was providing the service that night. When discussing fees for his service the following day he was understanding and adjusted his fees as well as offered a payment plan. I could say a lot but will summarize by saying that finding someone to take a call at such late hour of the day, avail himself directly via cell phone and listen with compassion like a family was beyond what I could have asked for. I never had to retain a defense attorney in my life, pray that I will never have to in the future but I am glad to have met Mr. Hallam and I will not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family or use him myself if the need arises. Thank you, Mr. Hallam, and God Bless You!

5 Trina Wood via

Mr. Hallam took time on a Sunday to discuss my situation and answer questions I had about the case im dealing. He walked me through the steps. Met with one of their staff lay week and retained them. Looking forward to working with them.

5 Jonathan Okomo via

Amazing group of attorneys that really know how to win!!!

5 Kh Carl via

My son received a reckless driving ticket thanks to John Spurlock talking to the police officer who gave him the ticket who wanted to teach him a lesson. John was able to convince him that my son was sorry for his actions. John spoke to the judge with many evidences of my sons character and taking driving courses to help his driving. John Spurlock convinced the officer to be willing to lower the charge to a improper driving with three points. This was a blessing to my son. A reckless driving ticket would hold six points and take 11 years to get off his record. The improper driving is three points takes three years to get off his record. Plus it is not a criminal offense misdemeanor. We praise the Lord Jesus Christ first of all for tenderizing the hearts of the judge and the officer involved. Thanks be to God. Also thanks to John Spurlock for helping us through this situation. I’m thankful that the law firm chose John Spurlock to represent my son I believe it was God ordained for whatever reason God knows all things. I would recommend John Spurlock as a attorney if you’re in need of one.

5 Fred Fiscella via

This a letter I wrote to NOVA Legal Group: I am writing this letter in commendation and appreciation for Mr. John Spurlock Esq. My DUI/reckless driving charges were what brought me to your law firm. You agreed to take my case and informed me well as to what to expect going forward. Because of last minute issues you sent John to attend my arraignment. He was prepared and diligent for the extensive travel to Westmoreland County Courthouse. Because John was most familiar with my case by now and the judge having met him now, it was wise to assign him my case.

I must say John put in more effort than I have seen in other attorneys with whom I have worked. The man watched the dash cam video several times to see if he could pick up nuances to challenge. He worked at home and on weekends on my case. He looked at all angles of the case. John also cared! I could see the pain in his heart when he had to let me down gently about things that would derail my success in prevailing – a past incident found out by the prosecutor, the absence of probable cause and the statutory nature of many of the penalties. He felt it.

But John fought. He worked over that stubborn prosecutor relentlessly. He was honest about my dim chances and helped me set lowest expectations, but he wasn’t done. When the police officer showed up at the hearing, John went after him. Good old boy style, he engaged that officer and got him to flip the prosecutor. They dropped the DUI. I was in court watching John talk to the officer and prosecutor and when he turned to me motioning to exit the court for consultation he was BEAMING. My heart started to soar cautiously and he couldn’t wait to tell me the good news. I could see he was happy, not just for winning one, but for ME! Joshua, I am the happiest man on earth right now – I’ve got my nomadic travel lifestyle back and won’t have to face the embarrassment of my judgmental family.

John reminds me of a certain Lawyer on a TV series, The Good Wife. It’s Cary Agos played by Matt Czuchry. They are similar in good looks, perseverance, intelligence, sharp legal brains and being the fighter.

5 tommy dortch via

I was just so pleased with the results from the representation from the firm

5 James Ford via

I’ll most definitely recommend a friend

5 Bich Hoang via

SUPERB and EXCELLENT REPRESENTATION! I have hired Mr. Hallam and his Law Firm, “NovaLegalGroup,P.C.” several times over the past 5 years-both for myself and for other family members. Recently, I was facing two rather difficult and complex cases, BOTH of which the Lawyers at “NovaLegalGroup, P.C.” were able to have completely dismissed!
Not only have and I and several of my family members had excellent representation by Mr. Hallam and his Team, but I have recommended “NovaLegalGroup, P.C.” to several of my friends, who have also had equally successful outcomes to their cases,too!

5 Darius Karalis via

Excellent service and great follow-through

5 Lyndon Phillips via

Very nice people

5 danille olmos via

They were awesome!!

5 John Kestler via

great law firm help with with your problems

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5 undrakh zorigt via

Highly recommend

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