Most Common Criminal Offenses We Represent Clients For


Most Common Criminal Offenses We Represent Clients ForThe most common criminal offenses that people hire us to defend them for include; DWI, Reckless Driving, and Driving On a Suspended License, on the criminal traffic side; and theft charges [petty and grand larceny], and embezzlement, drug charges ranging from Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine to possessing with the Intent to Distribute and Distribution of these and other controlled substances; assault and Battery and Domestic Assault charges; Gun charges; Credit Card Theft and Fraud charges and Bad check charges.

These criminal charges represent a significant percentage of the criminal and criminal traffic charges that myself and my office have successfully handled for over 30 years – but, we have handled virtually every type of criminal charge that there is in Virginia – from Drunk In Public (a class 4 misdemeanor) to murder charges [ a Class 1 Felony].

 Are There Any Common Criminal Offenses People Are Unaware Of?

Most people do not realize that many traffic offenses, such as Driving Without a Valid License, or Driving on a Suspended License, Hit and Run, Passing a Stopped School Bus, Eluding a police officer and, most stunningly, Reckless Driving by Speed of 20 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit, are all serious Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 Misdemeanors.

Also, there are many other City and County Ordinances, for such actions as Possessing an Open Container of Alcohol outside at a barbecue, or Urinating in Public, that people don’t realize are serious criminal offenses. People also think that they can be outside and have had a few beers, talk loud, look disheveled, stagger a bit and that is not really a problem – and certainly not a crime But, the police do not need a breath or blood test to charge someone who looks and acts like that. What the police can do is charge them with Drunk In Public, which is a Class 4 criminal Misdemeanor.

You don’t have to have a breath or blood alcohol test showing a 0.08 per Cent BAC, or higher, like a DWI charge – all the police have to prove to have you found guilty of Drunk In Public, is that you appeared to be intoxicated in a place where you could be seen by people in the public. Therefore, most people are very surprised that they can be convicted of a criminal alcohol offense, like Drunk In Public without ever having had to take a breath or blood test showing their level of alcohol in their bloodstream.

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