Criminal Law in Virginia: Why It’s Like a Casino part 2


Criminal Law in Virginia Why It’s Like a Casino part 2It’s important to know that in Virginia, many things are criminal that aren’t elsewhere in the country.  This is probably one of the biggest issues regarding criminal law in Virginia: People get into the criminal justice System, through what they believe to be “Minor Traffic Offenses”. We all speed in our cars, but can end up facing a criminal reckless driving charge or driving on a suspended license charge. Sometimes we don’t pay a traffic ticket on time then our license gets suspended; and we don’t even know it because we did not get a letter from the DMV informing us of our license suspension, Then later, we get pulled over by the police because our taillight is out, or for some other minor reason and the officer sees that our privilege to drive is suspended and we face up to 1 year in jail.

These are criminal things that affect people’s lives daily, particularly in Northern Virginia, not carrying a concealed gun without a license or shoplifting or selling drugs. That’s why it’s important to understand this aspect of Virginia law – that many actions in Virginia are criminal; both in and out of a motor vehicle, more so than in most any other part of the United States. Another thing to understand about criminal law in Virginia is that the courthouse, where your case is being prosecuted, is really not a “courthouse”; it’s a “casino”. That’s right, a casino!

Develop a “Zen” approach to Criminal Law

People must change their way of thinking, and develop a “Zen” approach to criminal law and criminal traffic law in Virginia. Everyday, the job of a criminal defense lawyer is to make 2 plus 2 equal anything but 4; i.e. since most people are very likely legally “Guilty” of what they are charged with [2 plus 2 = 4]; our job is to make the criminal charge against them go away/be dismissed; have our client found not guilty at trial; have the charge reduced to a lesser charge; or, at a minimum, work out a Plea Agreement that can keep our client from going to jail and not having a criminal conviction record.

A Virginia courthouse is like a Casino, because a Casino has an owner and the owner of a courthouse is the Government of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Chief Judge of the Circuit Court is like the General Manager of a Casino.  The court judges are like the “Pit bosses” in a Casino. The prosecutors [known as “Commonwealth Attorneys” in Virginia] are like the table dealers and croupiers at the gaming tables in a Casino; and the criminal and criminal traffic laws of Virginia are the same as the “House Rules” of a Casino – the Rules of court are tilted against you just like the odds in a Casino.

To succeed in your case, you need a professional, experienced and educated “Gambler” on your side i.e.; an experienced successful and clever Attorney who knows all the “House Rules” i.e.; the laws of Virginia; knows the courthouse procedures; knows and understand the “Pit Bosses” and “Dealers”, someone who knows how to help “Tilt” the odds against you in your favor; all through their knowledge and due diligence and experienced as successful criminal defense lawyer can do.  It is important in order to have the best outcome in court just as it is in a Casino, to have a customized “Plan of Action” to tilt these odds in your favor – and then beat the odds against you in the courthouse “Casino”.

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