What happens when you get arrested for a DUI

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You’re having a much-needed night out enjoying yourself. The night is going great, but before you know it, it is time to head home. Even though you’ve had a few drinks, you think you are fine to drive. You get into your car, buckle yourself in behind the wheel, and before you get five minutes down the street, you see the lights flashing behind you.

You’ve Been Pulled Over, Now What?

If you’ve been pulled over, you have been suspected of driving under the influence. You are considered to be driving under the influence if your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher. Many states have an implied consent law. This means by having a driver’s license, you consent to future chemical tests. You may also be subject to a breathalyzer and field sobriety test. If the officers are given probable cause, you will be arrested for DUI.

After being arrested, you will go through the booking process and receive a preliminary court date. Going to court is nerve wracking, especially when you don’t know what could happen. Often, people are on the fence about whether or not they will need a lawyer to represent them.  But a good DUI lawyer like those at the Nova Legal Group P.C. is often the best defense you can have in court to protect your rights.

What Could Possibly Happen?

Without a good lawyer on your side, the consequences for driving under the influence can be very damaging. Possible outcomes include the following
Having your license suspended or revoked
Fines and court costs
DUI school
Jail time


For a bit more context, you should know that Georgia DUI accident rates reach up to thousands annually. It is common to see survivors end up in court after such a dangerous accident. Having a solid Georgia DUI lawyer like our friends at Smith, Schnatmeier, Dettmering, Collins, Reeves, Hobson & Hobson, LLP can be the difference between a simple fine and damaging jail time.

The Importance of a Good Lawyer

When going to court, it is important to have someone who not only knows the law, but also knows their way around the courtroom. You want someone who knows the system and what should be done and said in your individual case. You should never underestimate DUI court enough to a point where you question finding legal help.  



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