Can’t Afford a Doctor After a Car Accident, Your Lawyer Might Be Able to Help!

When you suffer a serious bodily injury in a car accident that is not your fault, it not only can affect your body, but your entire way of life as well. This is especially true on a financial level where the medical bills can lead to collections efforts and potentially creating substantial damage to your credit. Often injured auto accident victims are left scrambling to pay medical and other bills while healing and possibly missing time from work as well. Worse still though is the thought of not seeking medical treatment due to the costs involved.

Can’t Afford a Doctor After a Car Accident, Your Lawyer Might Be Able to Help!Fortunately, there are some doctors, physical therapy clinics, radiologists, etc. throughout Northern Virginia that offer an “Authorization and Assignment” to those who are treating for an injury tied to an accident claim but don’t have the money to pay for their treatment. This means that instead of billing the injured party directly and immediately for treatment, the medical provider will hold on to the client’s bills until a legal monetary settlement is agreed to. This approach means the mental and financial stress of paying bills is gone and an injured party can focus on getting well and back on their feet again.

The key to accessing this is through a lawyer who can help guide an injured party through the process of obtaining an Authorization and Assignment. If you are feeling the stress of growing medical bills and little or no insurance, give us a call. We want to make sure you get to 100%!

The car accident attorneys at NovaLegalGroup, P.C. have experience successfully handling thousands of personal injury cases. Contact us today for a Free Case Evaluation! Remember, “DON’T BE A VICTIM…FIGHT BACK!”

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