Criminal Offense Advice: How People Hurt Their Own Case


Criminal Offense Advice How People Hurt Their Own CaseThe number one mistake that people make who are charged with any criminal matter is that they simply talk too much. In America, we are raised to be courteous and pleasant, to assume and be taught that the police are “our friends”; so we tend to be open, talkative and explanatory when we talk to other people, including the police. We are, by nature, sociable and want to be helpful. However, the worst thing that a person can ever do if they come in contact with the police, in any potentially negative situation or, indeed in almost any situation, is to talk!

The police ask you seemingly “harmless” and “innocuous” questions – but everything they say is an “interrogation”. In essence, you are being interrogated when you talk with the police and you probably don’t even know it. They listen very carefully to everything you say; they look at your body language and they are always interpreting what you say and what you do against you.



Professional Criminal Offense Advice: Are There Any Other Common Mistakes That People Make?

While America is clearly the greatest, the freest and the most noble country ever, it is also, at the same time, just about the only “civilized” country in the world that allows the police to routinely, and as part of their job, to lie and cheat. What? You don’t believe it? Then just watch your favorite “Cops, Robbers and Lawyers” TV shows or movies. What do you think “Undercover” cops do? They assume fictitious identities; make untrue statements; and do many acts that are illegal for the common person to make, – all in the name of the law. So, the next time you get pulled over for a burned out taillight on your car; or pulled over for a red light violation remember that when the police officer approaches your vehicle, he or she are thinking that they might have stopped a drug dealer, a DWI offender, or someone driving a stolen vehicle. When the officer asks you “Where are you coming from/where are you going to, etc.?” they’re not just engaging in idle chatter. They want to see what you say and how you react- to see if you have anything to hide or have done something wrong and if so to gather as much information as possible before you get any criminal offense advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

A Great Piece of Criminal Offense Advice: Social Media is Not Your Friend!

These days, many people think they can talk about anything and everything that has happened to them; look at Facebook or watch any reality TV show. And often, the same people wear these “bad acts” and stupid things they have done as some kind of reverse “Badge of Honor” on their sleeves. As a society, we use to keep the things we did wrong to ourselves. We were private and individual. Now, almost everybody puts everything on Facebook and then, emails it or posts it online, for the whole world to see. Please understand that everything you say and do, everything you post on Facebook and Instagram every twitter and email that you send, can and will be used against you. The police routinely review people’s Facebook pages, get search warrants for their cell phones, and check them out on Instagram, Twitter etc. if they suspect any criminal activity on their part. If you come in contact with the police, please do not think they are stupid. In fact, they’re extremely smart and thorough. They run your name through numerous databases [the NCIC, DMV, etc.]; they check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. They can easily obtain all of your cell phone records. Please remember, social media is not your best friend – it is your worst enemy!

Time tested Criminal Offense Advice From Shakespeare

Another mistake many people make is thinking that they’re smarter than the police. Northern Virginia is a highly educated area of the country – with some of the most wealthy and affluent counties and cities in the country. The educational level in Northern Virginia is college plus, as many individuals here have professional degrees, graduate degrees etc. So, many people in this area think to themselves that since they are obviously well-educated and successful in their professions and jobs, that they can handle anything and everything that comes their way in life – that they can handle their own DWI charge themselves; their Reckless Driving charge; their Petty Larceny charge – in fact, almost every criminal charge themselves, But Shakespeare said it better than I, or anybody, can. In one of his plays Shakespeare wrote “He who represents themselves has a FOOL for a client and an ASS for an attorney”. And, that’s all that people need to know. Remember, if you’re so smart, then why are you facing a criminal charge? So, don’t talk to the police – get a good criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, and follow their advice. Let them do your talking for you!

Summary: Top 3 professional criminal offense tips on what not to do when charged with any criminal matter

The criminal offense advice below are probably the three biggest mistakes most people make: Talking too much; posting their bad deeds on social media; and, thinking that they’re smarter than the police, the prosecutor and the judge – that they can handle their criminal charge themselves. Don’t be stupid…get an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.

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