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arrestIf you’ve been charged with a Criminal Offense, then you are likely facing substantial jail time; difficulty keeping or getting a job or security clearance; Problems with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if you are illegal or not a citizen of the United States, including the possibility of deportation; paying a substantial fine; and more if you are convicted. Further, your current Criminal Charge can also result in a Permanent Criminal Record with the FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration, and other Government Agencies. During this highly stressful time, your “American Dream”is at stake. You need an experienced criminal defense team on your side!

Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience in handling both MISDEMEANOR and FELONY charges, including:

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Having handled Thousands of Criminal Cases in all of the Courts of Northern Virginia, we understand how critical your job, your security clearance and your reputation are to your livelihood and,your family. If you are convicted of a Criminal charge, you are facing not only possible significant jail time and a substantial fine, but the loss of your job, your security clearance and your future!


When you trust your criminal case to our experienced attorneys, we will work closely with you, from the beginning, to explore all aspects of your case, including:

  • Dismissal of your Charge(s)
  • Reduction of your Charge(s)
  • Possible Defenses
  • Plea Bargain Options
  • Trial to find you “Not Guilty”


In addition to the significant “Discovery”, due diligence and Legal Work and Research we do to get your case Dismissed, your possible participation in appropriate programs and classes prior to Court can significantly increase your odds of an even more successful outcome … such as:

  • Volunteer Community Service
  • Anger Management
  • Alternative to Jail Programs
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Anti-Shoplifting Classes
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation/Treatment
  • Gun Safety Course
  • Financial Management Courses


With over 30 years of criminal defense experience in successfully handling thousands of cases, many like yours, we make you 3 GUARANTEES that no other law firms we know of in Northern Virginia offer:


  1. When you call us, you will always speak personally with one of our experienced and successful attorneys about your case, NOT a paralegal or secretary!
  2. We always design a customized “Plan of Action” just for your case and not just a cookie-cutter template!
  3. We always provide you with a personalized “Payment Plan” to meet your financial needs!

Even if you have already consulted with other attorneys, please give us the opportunity to give you a second opinion and a “Payment Plan” to fit your needs. Let us give you the direction, clarity, and comfort that you need and deserve!