Virginia Pedestrian Accident Case Value

Were you injured by a car and have questions about determining your Virginia pedestrian accident case value? Watch this video, then call us.


How do I determine the value of my pedestrian accident claim in Virginia?


If you were involved in a pedestrian accident case in Virginia, you’re probably asking yourself, “How much money am I going to be able to get?” That’s a great question. Many factors go into the answer. When insurance companies are looking to pay somebody out for a pedestrian accident, they’re looking at a number of different things. The first thing they look at normally is the medical bills that the person incurred.

From there, an experienced attorney will then also look to get compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages and, most importantly, pain and suffering. It’s tough to put a dollar value on what you’re going through right now. Our office does everything that we can to maximize your recovery. If you have any questions about the value of your pedestrian accident claim, feel free to reach out to us as soon as possible.

Were you or a loved one hit by a car and got severely injured and have questions about your Virginia pedestrian accident case value? Contact our experienced Virginia pedestrian accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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