Slip and Fall Claim Value

Have you been hurt by a car and have questions about determining your slip and fall claim value? Watch this video, then call our lawyers.


How do I determine the value of my slip and fall claim in Virginia?


If you were involved in a slip and fall accident in Virginia, you’re probably asking yourself how much money you will get from your claim. That’s a great question, but it’s also a hard one to answer because there are many factors that go into that. When people initially call our office and ask us that question, we typically tell them that it’s tough to answer without knowing exactly what your injuries are and exactly the expenses that you’ve incurred. Determining the value not only includes your medical expenses, but it also includes your lost wages, your out-of-pocket expenses, but most importantly your pain and suffering.

It’s tough to put a dollar figure on what you’re going through right now. Our office does everything that we can to try to give you an accurate estimate of how much money you should be expecting. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can see exactly what we can do to help you and so that we can try to give you a more accurate outlook on what your case entails.


Were you or a loved one severely injured due to a fall in Virginia and have questions about your slip and fall case value? Contact our experienced Virginia slip and fall lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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