How will A Potential Employer View Drug Charges On My Record?

How will A Potential Employer View Drug Charges On My Record?It really depends on what the job is. If you work at a skate park and you go to your boss and you tell them that you have a drug charge, it is probably not going to have the same impact where if you work for the FBI and you tell somebody that you have a drug charge.There are some jobs where just the charge itself could cost you your job. What we try to do is put people in the position so that does not happen to them. We try to do everything that we can to put people in positive situations so that whatever the outcome of their case is will not affect their employment. That question really depends on what the person’s job is but in most situations, having a drug charge on your record will have a substantial impact on a person in terms of their potential job opportunities or it could cause them to lose their current job.

How Long Do Drug Cases Generally Last?

It depends on whether or not it’s a misdemeanor or felony but drug cases tend to last longer than most other cases.

When you have a drug case, let’s say a marijuana case, I know it’s marijuana, you know it’s marijuana, the whole world may know it’s marijuana, but the courts or the prosecutor still have to prove that it’s marijuana. This example goes for any drug, but whatever drug it is, we have it sent to the Department of Forensic Science to be fully tested to verify what the substance is. It takes a lot of time for those drug test results to come back, which can cause the case to be delayed for a number of months.

What Are Some Ways that A Drug Case Can Get Dismissed?

There are a number of ways that a drug case can get dismissed. You always want to see whether or not there was an issue with the stop or the search and seizure.  It can get dismissed on its merit by having a trial and by addressing those issues and the judge agreeing that there were issues.  You can have a trial and the person can be found not guilty; that’s one way to get the charge resolved.

Another way is to do the diversion program. Other ways are thinking outside the box. We have people do the homework assignments that were previously discussed because those give people leverage when the attorney is talking to the prosecutor.

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