How Attorneys Help The DUI Clients Feel Better

People come to us with having received bad advice and misinformation, and want to know what can be done about their situation and how an attorney can help deal with it.

How Attorneys Help The DUI Clients Feel BetterIt’s the attorney’s job to provide them with the correct information and a customized “Plan of Action”; so that when the potential client is done talking with us, they will be more informed, more optimistic and more hopeful for a positive outcome.

People feel much more comfortable when they have a customized “Plan of Action” and are involved in their own defense.  Some attorneys say they will “take care” of the client; but then just show up in court without really preparing or caring. It makes a big difference when an attorney really cares about the client; knows about them personally; and then creates a customized “Plan of Action” for them.  Once they have a customized “Plan of Action” in place, then they are in a very different emotional and mental condition than when they first talked to us – a much better condition!

What Special Do You Do For Your Clients That Makes You Stand Out From Other Attorneys?

First, we get as much information as possible about the client, their life, their job, their family and, of course, the facts of their DUI case. The first contact we have with virtually every client is by their first telephone call to our office.

It is our strict office policy that either myself, or one of my “Team” of experienced DUI lawyers in Alexandria, VA, will always speak, at length, with every potential client who calls us seeking help and advice on their first call! In fact, our policy is that we will always talk with you on the phone for as long as you need and want to talk with us about your DUI charge; the law; how to handle the specific DUI Criminal charge you are facing and, most importantly, explore the ways we can work together to get your DUI charge dismissed, (or at least reduced to a minor traffic charge) by using our knowledge and experience from handling more than One Thousand DUI’s over the years.  People are always amazed that attorneys, like us, will actually get on the phone and spend 45 minutes, one hour, or more with them, even before they come in for their first Free in-person Consultation.  Many people wonder why we do this.  They think we must lose a lot of time and money this way.  But, they are wrong!

Spending this kind of time on the first call allows us to build a bond of trust, confidence and a “connection” together.  It also gives us the opportunity to get as much information as possible to help them with their DUI case.  We invest our time and effort in our clients, even before they hire us; and, in turn, they invest their trust and confidence in us.

Most of the potential clients we speak with on the telephone also come in for a personal, one-on-one,  in-depth Free Consultation with myself, or one of my experienced DUI Criminal attorney’s-so that we can go over the detailed facts of their case; explain how DUI law works; and, how it applies to them; and then we discuss a specific customized “Plan of Action” for them to deal with the “DUI”, (and any other charges they also might have incurred).  And, this is just the beginning of the process of our office representing and helping someone with a DUI.

After we gather all this information from the potential client, we then tell them the details of the DUI law they are charged with and the Court’s detailed procedures.  Then, we begin the process of giving them the outline of a Customized Defense “Plan of Action” to show them how we can help them get the criminal “DUI” charge dismissed, or at least reduced to a lesser traffic- related charge; or reduce and minimize the various penalties that they face with a DUI charge.  We also quote every potential client a reasonable fee; explain it, in depth; and, if they need it, we offer every potential client a Customized Payment Plan to fit their financial situations.

All of the above is just what we do on the first telephone call.  We then invite all potential Clients in for a one-on-one appointment with myself, or with one of our “Team” of experienced and successful DUI attorneys at “NovaLegalGroup, P.C.” – where we genuinely get to know one another in order to finalize our Customized “Plan of Action” and to further build trust and confidence in one another.

For more information on How Attorneys Help the DUI Clients Feel Better, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you’re seeking by calling (703) 313-2727 today.

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