How Are Burn Injuries Typically Caused?

We see a lot of burn injuries! Most people think burns are the result of a fire, and most of the time they are, but there are many ways to get burned. We’ve had a number of clients who have been burned by defective products, such as a stove or a propylene gas cylinder, from different types of products that are used for welding and products with a high burn level, like a torch.

How Are Burn Injuries Typically CausedOne of the more common ways that burn injuries occur is through the application of beauty products, such as facial and hair products, on the skin or the scalp,  when the product is defective or it has not been manufactured properly; perhaps they used some type of chemical and either failed to disclose it on the package or failed to give proper instructions with regard to the amount to be applied or how long something should be applied for coloring hair or having a facial or putting on some type of lotion.

Many people, particularly women, experience significant burns from beauty products, as well as loss of their hair, burned scalps and burned faces that leave behind scarring and disfigurement. It’s not just about a fire in a house; burns can be caused by something a little more esoteric than the classic burning house.

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