Handling Personal Injury Cases


Handling Personal Injury CasesThere is a saying that, “Other cases pay the rent, but personal injury cases pay for the vacation home.” While this may sound mercenary, it is true. In handling personal injury cases, attorneys want to add value for their clients and clients come first, but you are not being honest with yourself or your clients if it’s not immediately understood that, while you’re in business to help yourself and your firm, you are first and foremost in business to help your clients. If you can do both, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

In personal injury law, we add value for our clients, in that we don’t just handle a case against another person or business that hurt them, but also to work to get them the best medical care available. Most personal injury lawyers don’t do that; they take their clients as they come, they handle the submission of a claim and negotiate a settlement or trial and demand and or get compensation for injuries but they don’t get involved with the client’s personal needs the way we do.

We are associated with an outstanding group of doctors and physical therapists in the Northern Virginia area; most are board certified, and they have agreed to accept our referrals, so that clients who need additional medical help, but who don’t have health insurance or the resources or knowledge to know how to do so can get the treatment they need.

We provide these referrals and recommendations to physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and others in the field and they will treat our clients for as long as necessary to make sure they reach maximum medical improvement without charging them one penny before, during or after their treatment; they will wait until the case is complete to be paid from the settlement proceeds.

The value and beauty of this is that, in most of the cases we’ve handled, we have gotten many people the medical care they needed, but couldn’t have accessed or afforded before; by referring them to healthcare providers for absolutely no cost upfront or during the treatment, and this is a service we’re very proud to offer.

So, this is not just about money, it’s for the client and for compensation for their injuries and their loss of quality of life, and to get them the medical treatment they need to get better physically and emotionally and compensated monetarily for them and for us. Our star is hitched to their star.

What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Do We Handle?

Our primary focus is on motor vehicle accidents and injuries, including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck and 18-wheeler accidents, even ATV accidents and jet ski accidents; accidents involving any type of motorized or mechanical apparatus in which people can be injured due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. We also handle slip and fall cases, as well as product defect and product liability cases, in which a product does not perform as advertised and causes personal injury, such as a table saw that was defectively designed or manufactured and goes off-track, cutting off a hand, or a postage meter that falls apart and cripples someone due to faulty construction or design, or even beauty products that that cause allergic reactions or burns.

Additionally, we also handle dog bite cases. We are handling a case now in which a very large Doberman Pinscher bit hard into a child’s scalp and head, causing permanernt injuries and scarring.   Another type of Personal Injury matter that we handle is Products liability cases.  There are all kinds of situations, products, people and things that injure people due to someone else’s negligence, including in the design or manufacture of a product.

Is There A Particular Time Of Day That Auto Accidents Occur Resulting In Personal Injury To Any Of The Parties Involved?

Looking back on the thousands of auto accident cases we’ve handled most automobile accidents occur during rush hour times, although many happen in the late evenings or early mornings, around midnight, and many of those have to do with some sort of substance abuse on the part of the person that injures our client. Those generally happen on Friday and Saturday nights around midnight till the early morning.

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