Do DUI Clients Feel Differently At The End Of The First Phone Call Than They Did At The Beginning?

How Does The Initial Consultation With Attorneys Help DUI Clients?Yes! Absolutely! Many of the potential clients we speak with on the phone have often already talked to several other DUI attorneys in Virginia, and they often tell us that their needs have not been met by the other attorneys they have talked to. This is often typically why they have called me.

It’s a very good thing, when people are facing a DUI charge, to do their own due diligence; and it’s a good idea for them to talk with several other Virginia DUI attorneys. But, over and over again, I hear from these potential clients that no other attorney has spent as much time with them as myself and my experienced “Team” of DUI attorneys do.  And many of these potential clients tell us that most of these other attorneys just tell them to “come in” and won’t even talk with them on the phone; or will only talk very briefly, then quote them a Fee-usually telling the potential client that they must pay all of their Attorney’s Fee upfront or, at the least, pay one- half of their Fee upfront, and the other half before their first Court date. Or, they charge such a low fee that it makes them think that these are “Bottom Feeders” who just want to “Bleed and Plead” them.  Then, they are very happy with us because we’ve cared enough to take the time for an attorney to actually speak to them, in-depth, on the phone; and are very thankful for us giving them direction and a customized “Plan of Action” of how we can work together to potentially get their DUI dismissed, or reduced to a Traffic charge; and how we can give them a very reasonable fee with a customized “Payment Plan” to meet their financial need.

Then, when a potential client comes in to meet with us, in-person, we then get to know them even better; we go over their past driving history; what they do for a living; (do they have a Government job and/ or a “Security Clearance”); do they drive for a living (a Taxi, Limo, Bus or Uber driver); how important is their driving privilege to them; will they likely lose their job or security clearance if they get a DUI conviction; are they a U.S. Citizen, (if not, they might suffer severe Immigration consequences); what is their economic situation, their family situation, their educational background.  We gather all of their personal information first, then we have them give us the details of their DUI case; were they drinking, and if so, what; how much did they have to drink-when and where; did they consume any legal or illegal drugs or medication before driving; were they on any

medication (prescribed or over the counter), and, if so, what medicine and dosage; did they eat anything before or while drinking- if so, what did they eat and when?

After gathering all of this information, and more, we then ask the potential client what happened on the road; and why was the vehicle they were driving “pulled over”? What, if anything, did they admit to having had to drink or drugs consumed?  What roadside “Field Sobriety Test” (FST’s) did they do and how do they believe they did on each of the usual FST’s [9 step/ heel-toe/ walk and turn test; standing on one leg test; counting 1-4/ 4-1 on each finger to thumb; counting backwards (65- 35); saying a portion of the alphabet, e.g. D-R; Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Eye test (following a pen or penlight with their eyes as the officer moves the pen/penlight sideways/ up and down, without moving your head).

We then ask them about the roadside Breath test known as the “Preliminary Breath Test” (PBT) that is not admissible in Court as evidence of “DUI” guilt; but, is a FST test, along with all of the other roadside FST’s; as well as their driving behavior; admission of any drinking; answers to Police questions; the way they looked and acted, all of which is used by the Police Officer to determine whether or not there was “Probable Cause” (whether it is more likely than not that they might be drunk driving), to arrest them for DUI.

If the Police Officer believes there is “Probable Cause” to arrest the person, then they are arrested and taken to the Police Station, where they are read Virginia’s “Implied Consent Law”, (A law that states that every person who is driving on a Virginia road has already impliedly given their consent to take a Breath Test or Blood Test if the arresting Officer reasonably believes that they may be driving under the influence of alcohol).  The Police, at the station, must then conduct a “20 minute” wait/observation period during which they are instructed to not belch, burp, spit or get sick within the “20 minute” wait period, (because it would alter the Breath Test Result).

If they do burp, belch, etc., then the 20 minute wait/observation period will be repeated again.  If they are not successful in providing a valid Breath Test analysis, a second time they “blow”, then they will be charged with both DUI and “Unreasonable Refusal” to take the Breath Test; for which they might not only be convicted of the DUI, but also convicted of “Unreasonable Refusal” to take a Breath Test (resulting in the person losing their privilege to drive for a mandatory period of one year- without the possibility of obtaining any kind of “Restricted Driving” privilege to drive to work, to the doctor, or anything else).

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