Cost of a DWI in Virginia

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How much does a DWI cost in Virginia?


If you’re charged with a DUI in Virginia, the cost can be extensive. There’s a number of things that people don’t think about when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle with alcohol in their system. Not only is there the cost of a lawyer but there’s cost that can be incurred to the court system. There’s cost that can be incurred for your insurance rates being risen. There’s cost that can be incurred because you could potentially lose your job. Your license may be suspended therefore you may have to take public transportation which can have a cost attached to it. There’s something called an alcohol safety action program, also known as the ASAP program, which costs money and include additional cost. The costs keep going on and on and on. There’s a number of different costs that are associated with a DUI or DWI which can be levied upon you if you are found guilty. There are also costs that can be even if you’re found not guilty, the cost of an attorney, the cost of the court system, the cost to produce certain evidence. You’re always going to want to speak to someone so they can see what they can do to help you so they can try to minimize the cost and the damage to you and your life.

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