6 Frequently Asked Aviation Accident Questions

If you were severely injured on a plane in Virginia, read these 6 frequently asked aviation accident questions. Contact our lawyers today.

1) How Do I Choose the Best Aviation Accident Attorney?

6 Frequently Asked Aviation Accident QuestionsYou’re going to need an attorney who has experience handling cases just like yours. An experienced aviation attorney can help you get you the compensation that you deserve, but that’s not the only factor that you want to consider when trying to choose an attorney. Probably the most important factor is picking the person you feel most comfortable with to guide you through your murky situation.

2) What are the Common Mistakes To Avoid After an Aviation Accident?

There’s a lot of different things that people can do that will hurt their claims. Probably the most common one is not seeking medical treatment right away. If you are involved in an aviation accident, you want to make sure that you get treatment right away because insurance companies are looking for every reason to not have to pay you. The most common reason is people not getting treatment as soon as possible. When that happens, an insurance company can come back and say they can’t be certain that the injuries that you got treatment for months later were the same as the injuries that you sustained in the accident.

Another common mistake that people make is not telling someone about the accident. If you were involved in an aviation accident, you want to speak to somebody on the plane right away so that they can document your complaints. When you’re dealing with the insurance company later on, there will be some proof that you were involved in that accident.

3) What are the Attorney Fees for an Aviation Accident?

One of the main reasons why people don’t reach out to an attorney right away is because they don’t think that they can afford an attorney. They hear about high-priced lawyers on TV. As a result, they decide not to hire someone because they think that they can’t afford it.

One of the good things about aviation attorneys like our office is that we work on what’s called a “contingency fee.” That means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Therefore, there’s no upfront costs and there’s no money that needs to be paid now.

4) Should I Take the First Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company after a Aviation Accident?

It’s time to settle with the insurance company. They’ve made you an offer that you don’t think is fair and you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should accept their first offer.

In almost all situations, the answer is going to be no. Insurance companies are trying to do whatever they can to pay you as little as possible. In fact, during the settlement negotiation process, what they’re doing is lowballing you and trying to get you to accept the first offer that they make.

Settlement negotiations are typically like building a house. An insurance company is going to make you an extremely low offer, which we’ll call the floor. Then your attorney is going to make an extremely high offer, which we’ll call the ceiling. You want an attorney who’s going to help you get a settlement offer that’s going to be closer towards the ceiling than it is the floor.

5) How do I Determine the Value of my Aviation Accident Case?

The most important factor is your medical treatment and your injuries. Your medical treatment and the nature of the injuries you received will help determine a baseline for what an insurance company may offer you in settlement negotiations. An insurance company uses your medical bills in order to determine where they should go with the rest of your accident and the rest of your claim.

From there, there are other factors that go into it, including your lost wages, your out-of-pocket expenses and, most importantly, your pain and suffering. It is tough to put a dollar value on what you’re going through right now, but our office wants to do whatever we can to make sure that we maximize your compensation.

6) How Long is it Going to Take to Resolve my Aviation Accident Case?

This can be a difficult question to answer because there’s a number of factors that go into it. The most important factor, though, is your medical treatment. You never want to submit a claim until you have finished up with all of your medical treatment or you have reached medical maximum improvement.

This is because insurance companies are trying to find any reason to not have to pay you or to pay you as little as possible. You only want to submit your claim when it has all of your injuries outlined. Remember, every case is different. This can take time.

Were you or a loved one severely injured on a plane in Virginia and have questions? After reading these 6 frequently asked aviation accident questions, contact our experienced Virginia aviation accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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