3 Boat Accident Injury Tips

Were you severely injured in a boat accident and have questions? Read these 3 boat accident injury tips, then contact our Virginia attorneys.

1) Common Mistakes To Avoid

3 Boat Accident Injury TipsOne of the most common mistakes is not seeking treatment right away. If you were involved in a boating accident and got hurt, you want to make sure that you get treatment sooner rather than later.

Insurance companies are looking for any reason to not have to pay you. One of the most common reasons to not have to pay you is a gap in treatment. If you wait a couple of months before you actually seek medical advice, then you run the risk of an insurance company questioning whether your injuries that you’re going to the doctor for now were caused by the accident. That’s difficult to answer unless you go the doctor right away.

2) Insurance Investigation

As you navigate through your boating accident claim, one of the things that’s probably going to happen at some point is an insurance company is going to make you an offer. You’re probably going to ask yourself if you should accept or decline their offer. In almost all circumstances, it’s not advisable to accept the insurance company’s first offer. The reason behind this is that an insurance company is trying to pay you as little as possible, so they’re never going to put their best foot forward with their initial offer.

The negotiation process is like building a house. An insurance company is going to build the floor with their initial offer. That’s the low point, and that’s something that you should probably never accept. Your attorney is going to create the ceiling. They’re going to make an inflated offer to the insurance company that they’re probably never going to accept. The way the negotiation process works is that you’re probably going to meet somewhere in the middle. You want an attorney who’s going to get you a settlement offer that’s closer towards the ceiling than it is to the floor.

3) Case Value

One of the first is how much treatment you received and how high your medical bills were because insurance companies are looking at that when trying to determine what is going to be a fair and reasonable settlement. They’re not only looking at your medical bills; they’re also going to be looking at your out-of-pocket expenses, your lost wages, but most importantly, your pain and suffering. It is tough to put a dollar value on what you’re going through right now, but our office does everything that we possibly can to maximize your recovery.

Were you or a loved one severely injured in a boat accident in Virginia and have questions about these 3 boat accident injury tips? Contact our experienced Virginia boat accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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