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Trust Nova Legal Group PC to help you through your criminal defense charges. We have seen plenty of clients become rightfully overwhelmed by their criminal defense charges in Alexandria courts. We know that our many years of experience gives us the upper hand when it comes to helping you.

Facing criminal defense charges, but having nowhere to turn? Nova Legal Group PC has seen dozens of other clients in the same position and we have made it our goal to help these individuals get the best possible results from their cases. With our many years in the Alexandria area, you can trust us to be the guiding hand you need in this stressful time.

We at Nova Legal Group PC have successfully represented numerous individuals just like you throughout the Alexandria area. Whether facing a local Alexandria court, or at the federal level, we will hold fast to your defense. Our criminal defense legal team will strive to handle any case thought too tough by other lawyers.

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The Alexandria area legal system relies on solid representation for both parties in criminal defense situations. Prosecutors of the location courts will work ruthlessly to tear apart their opponent’s criminal defense case. We at Nova Legal Group PC understand that the law can often be fallible. After many years of practice, we strive passionately to ensure our clients are properly represented in their criminal defense cases. Call us at (703) 548-1462 to enlist our experienced practice today.

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