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latisha brown

My lawyer did an outstanding job. I was faced with a serious charge and it was reduced. He was confident, honest and straightforward. I am so blessed and thankful I had them defending me!

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danille olmos

They were awesome!!

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Max Cavicchia

I needed their help when I was much younger and thankfully Joshua explained my situation well enough for me to understand. The court decision went favorable towards my situation.

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John Kestler

great law firm help with with your problems

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Gary Wayne Jr

They got me out of my charges, and worked with me on payments. I sincerely appreciate them so much!!! Amazing team / teammates, I'd refer them to everybody!!! Thanks Again Guys!!! <33

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Excellent lawyers; highly recommended. Our lawyer went beyond what was expected. If you need a lawyer for anything, this is the law firm to do the job you request.

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Robin Ajani

The folks at Nova Legal Group were professional, courteous and effective. They worked to a resolution of my issue that was better than I had hoped for. I highly recommend their law firm.

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Roxanne Milhoan

Nova legal group was very helpful in helping me to avoid a DUI. There lawyers are friendly non judging and very good at what they do. If the need for legal help ever comes up again they will be my first call.

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Kenneth Irby

Thank you Keith for your attention to my case and your other Lawyer who handle my case today. Excellent firm excellent Professionals Thank u

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itchel rivera

Very caring and understanding lawyer. I would recommend to everyone!

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kristian pedersen

Josh was exceptional in presentation and execution. I high recommend this firm. First class.

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Sara Denninger

Excellent attorneys, excellent customer service, excellent staff. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal services

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phuong hoang

GREAT LEGAL EXPERIENCE AND OUTCOMES: I was very scared and nervous because I was facing 2 separate legal cases in which I was accused of breaking the law on 2 separate occasions in Northern Virginia.These guys at NovaLegalGroup,(Keith …

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Lyndon Phillips

Very nice people

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Theresa Dodge

As a service member they were able to help me get my charge dropped so I could continue to serve my country. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing any legal trouble.

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Trina Wood

Mr. Hallam took time on a Sunday to discuss my situation and answer questions I had about the case im dealing. He walked me through the steps. Met with one of their staff lay week and retained them. Looking forward to working with them.

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Steve Winnicki

Very friendly and knowledgeable attorneys who were easy to reach and able to answer all my questions... they were also cool enough to take a few bucks off since I paid the whole bill in cash up front

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sarah fairchild

The NovaLegalGroup is such a great firm. The lawyers are very experienced, knowledgably, and successful. They are prepared to take on any case to help get the uttermost best outcome for you. This firm has excellent service and great follow-…

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Scott C

I don't really know what to say except thank you Jim for sticking it out with me throughout that long process of the trooper not having the video.

Ricky B

They really help.me so much with my legal issue 2 years ago I whould recommended than Them to any body the got my charges lower

Phillip K

I had a concerning legal situation and Nova held my hand and carried me through! I hope I never need the services of an attorney again. But if I do, it will be Nova Legal Group.

Olga V

When you get a ticket in VA, you need a lawyer. I was not speeding but would end up having a charge if not for Keith and Josh who first, explained what might happen, and then fought to get the charge removed. I mentioned to them that a prompt response and keeping in touch with the client needs improvement, but I will give them all 5 stars and will recommend to anyone who does not want to have serious charges in their history or whose reckless driving summons could place them in jail. NovaLegal will fight for you, and, most likely, will win.

Michael P

There is no one more professional and more honest then Joshua Wilson. Constant professional I would recommend this law firms to anyone

Milad Nazar

The owner is well respected in the court. The best organization to hire for attorney.

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Matthew Cole

Excellent law firm. Joshua Wilson did a great job handling my case and fighting for the outcome I wanted.

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Kh Carl

My son received a reckless driving ticket thanks to John Spurlock talking to the police officer who gave him the ticket who wanted to teach him a lesson. John was able to convince him that my son was sorry for his actions. John spoke to the…

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Jimmy A

Great team. They helped me and solved my problem. Thanks

Jerson D

Great service!! Got a great deal!

Issa D

You tried your best for my son,s case. You are in front line defending the constitution. I hope you well and prosperity all the time. Sure , I will refer you company to every one. Thanks. Issa bouraleh.

James Ford

I'll most definitely recommend a friend

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Geroge M

We had a great experience with Mr. Hallam and the NOVA Legal Group. He explained the process and gave us options. Fianlly he got things done for us. Plus the ability to pay in installments was definitely a big plus.

Fred Fiscella

This a letter I wrote to NOVA Legal Group: I am writing this letter in commendation and appreciation for Mr. John Spurlock Esq. My DUI/reckless driving charges were what brought me to your law firm. You agreed to take my case and informed …

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edwin miranda


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Darius Karalis

Excellent service and great follow-through

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Edgar E

Frienly, suportive and great professionalism!

Parham E

Had a great experience! Very helpful

Brennen M

My very first call with the firm, I spoke to the Owner/Top Lawyer and we had a good talk, we went over my upcoming issue and right then and there he gave me a greatly detailed way of how to go about the case. They explained alot to me just on that first call, it was VERY beneficial. Upon choosing this firm to help me with my legal issues, we executed the plan which we went over on the first few calls and meetings, and I had a very favorable outcome. The lawyers here are good people, helpful and reliable.

undrakh zorigt

Highly recommend 👍👍👍

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Randy Rr

I would like to thank James Simmons .for working on my case and speaking for me today at court and he was doing his job well and I would choice this firm again if I have any issue in the future.

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Sean Gannon

I truly say that this firm has gone above and beyond to accommodate us in every way possible!! They are not only the best legal firm in the area, they put you first and they treat not just as a client but also as a friend!! We have been …

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Pooja K

If you are in need of an attorney then just give a call to Mr. Keith and speak to him, rest he and his team will take care.

Keith and his team are responsible, professional, committed and trustful. I spoke to few attorneys before I met …

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Very professional and helpful. If you live in or around Alexandria city and in need of legal assistance, then this is the firm you want.

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Bich Hoang

SUPERB and EXCELLENT REPRESENTATION! I have hired Mr. Hallam and his Law Firm, "NovaLegalGroup,P.C." several times over the past 5 years-both for myself and for other family members. Recently, I was facing two rather difficult and complex …

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tommy dortch

I was just so pleased with the results from the representation from the firm

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Timothy R

Joshua Wilson was a pro. Liked him from the moment we met. I could not have asked for a better result. Thanks to all. Timm Ruddy.

John Karousos

Our family has been a client of Nova Legal Group, P.C. t/a The Law Office of O.Keith Hallam, Jr. for the past 25 years. We were represented by the firm in many aspects of the traffic and automobile insurance law, with great success. We …

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Eric McClain

This firm is amazing to say the least. Alexander Lange was by my side from start to finish. From the original consultation to being with me in the court room, to the reminder emails and keeping me updated on progress. If your finding …

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Roxana G

I feel happy with them ...they always available for u..they help me a lot ...

Charles E

Most professional experience, ever. Joshua Wilson was the best!

Hai Hoang

WOW! This firm is amazing. Their lawyers are experienced, compassionate, and successful. If you want the best legal representation then this the firm for you!

I’ve been a client several times over the past 4 years. I’ve gotten to see their …

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Cory W

NovaLegalgroup has been an exceptional and indispensable asset to our family and our well being! I have and will continue recommended their services to anyone I know.

We can t thank you enough for all you've done.

Karen D

I was given tickets for altered tags and expired registration As disappointing as it was to have to go to court. I was pleased to end up with both charges dropped. These attorneys know the county court system and work hard to make sure that the client experiences the best possible outcome.

Posted by Criminal Defense Client

“If you’re in the Northern Virginia area and need a competent defense lawyer, look no further.

After being a previous client of Mr. Hallam a multitude of times, I have had the pleasure of working directly with him on a number of instances. Every time I have approached his office, I have benefited from generous payment plans, knowledgeable initial advisements, and expert approaches when it came to my particular cases. From my own personal experience, Mr. Hallam has remained relentless in the pursuit of forwarding the best possible outcome for his clients while maintaining a professional and welcoming composure. I would highly recommend him to anyone and continue to do so to this day.”

Posted by a Criminal Traffic Client

“Mr. Hallam is a superb lawyer. He did a great job for me which resulted in a good result. He is passionate about his work and clients and strives to achieve the best result. In addition to being a high caliber professional, he is compassionate and takes a personal interest in the case.”

Posted by a Criminal Traffic Client

“Accomplished, knowledgeable, expert with excellent follow-thru who delivers on the outcome promised!

Mr. Hallam is a very accomplished and knowledgeable attorney with a positive, can-do attitude. He is confident and assertive in both the courtroom and negotiating with the opposition. With clients, Mr. Hallam is patient and understanding. He has excellent follow through and successfully delivers on the outcome he promises. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of a top-notch attorney to win any type of criminal or traffic case — be it the most complicated or run-of-the-mill.

I recently received a false citation for reckless driving after my unoccupied vehicle malfunctioned and rolled into two other vehicles. The ticketing officer lied and said I was driving. Mr. Hallam was the sixth attorney I spoke with about my citation, but he was the first attorney who was able to gain my confidence that he could and would get my case dismissed.

This is because Mr. Hallam took the time to thoroughly understand my case. In fact, when we first spoke, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that he had already carefully read all my case related documents previously faxed to his office. Mr. Hallam then spent nearly two hours patiently discussing every aspect of the charges levied against me including all possible outcomes. By the end of our conversation, I knew Mr. Hallam had the professional background and expert knowledge of my case to get it dismissed.

At court, the police officer stubbornly resisted the dismissal of my case. Therefore, Mr. Hallam spent two hours patiently deliberating the facts with both the officer and the prosecutor. Ultimately, because he had excellent preparation and a thorough knowledge of my case details, he was able to reveal that the officer had no proof of the charges, and so the prosecutor dismissed my case entirely.

Mr. Hallam is a knowledgeable, honest, and expert attorney, who has a confident demeanor that was reassuring every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“I appreciate Attorney Hallam working with me at the 11th hour. He explained everything and made me feel at easy. I had the best outcome and was very pleased.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Hallam continuously exceeded all expectations. I fielded about a dozen attorneys before choosing Mr. Hallam, and my choice could not have been better. Very knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and experienced, there Mr. Hallam fought for me and delivered results better than many of the other attorneys promised. You will not be disappointed!”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“I am writing this review on behalf of my wonderful attorney, Mr. Hallam. When I first spoke with him on the phone, Mr. Hallam spent over one hour talking to me, getting to know me and reassuring me that he could help me. He is an incredibly smart, caring individual and from the very beginning, I always felt that things were going to be ok because I trusted him. He is a very special person because he helped me get through the most stressful situation I’ve ever been in. Mr. Hallam is well respected in the courtroom. He knows the judges and prosecutors and their respect for him is very clear. Mr. Hallam was able to get my case dismissed and soon he is going to help me get it expunged completely. He told me that we would work to get the best possible outcome and that’s exactly what happened. I would recommend him highly. If you are looking for an attorney to help you, there is just no one better than Mr. Hallam. Because of him, I can move forward with my life. Thank you, Mr. Hallam.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Hallam was different than all of the other attorneys I met with. He actually cares about my future. He helped me turn my life around and wanted me to be completely honest throughout my case. Most attorneys just want to win and don’t necessarily Care about making an impact on your life. If you want someone who cares about the person you are now and the person you can become chose Mr. Hallam. My case was dismissed because of the recommendations made by him. My case wasn’t a small one either. I was facing 2 felony charges and was scared to death. Other attorneys said they would fight to get it dropped to a misdemeanor but Mr. Hallam got it totally dismissed. I had to work for it and you may need to as well before trial but it was so worth it. Mr. Hallam invested in me and now I help others going through similar issues.”

Posted by a DUI Client

“I am more than grateful that Mr. Hallam and his colleagues were able to help me with my case. I was facing a DUI with a BAC greater than .20, and I was involved in an accident. He fought for me and had my back the whole way. When it came down to my trial everything was dismissed by the grace of God, I am truly blessed. I recently recommended one of my friends to his office. I’m for certain that he will fight for them the same way he fought for me. He let me know the brutal truth about my case and didn’t give me false hope. I will forever be thankful for what Mr. Hallam did for me. And I will always recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney. Thank you all so much for all of your help, I am beyond grateful.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“During my selection of legal representation, I sought distinct personal qualities within my attorney. I found that Mr. Hallam had a high level of integrity and knowledge, and seemed genuinely concerned about my case as an individual, rather than just a number. I expected the best he had to offer and he delivered.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“My initial encounter with the firm was with Mr. Hallam, Jr. who was very responsive and helpful. Thereafter my experience was mostly with Joshua Wilson of the firm. Joshua did an excellent job representing a family member in a criminal matter. He was thorough and very knowledgeable about the relevant criminal law and the prosecutor. We had a very good outcome. I would definitely recommend this firm to a friend.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Wanted to express how amazing my treatment was with Keith and his associates. Jumped on my case immediately. Got things resolved very affordably and in a timely manner without the run around I have received with prior counsel. Followed up with me after my court date, which I felt was wonderful. Keith and his team are professional, prompt, and worked quickly to resolve my case. I would highly recommend Keith for your next attorney. Everything from the person receiving the calls to returning my calls was handled professionally. I would definitely choose Keith again in the future.”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“After being a previous client of Mr. Hallam a multitude of times, I have had the pleasure of working directly with him on a number of instances. Every time I have approached his office, I have benefited from generous payment plans, knowledgeable initial advisements, and expert approaches when it came to my particular cases. From my own personal experience, Mr. Hallam has remained relentless in the pursuit of forwarding the best possible outcome for his clients while maintaining a professional and welcoming composure. I would highly recommend him to anyone and continue to do so to this day.”

Posted by a Criminal Traffic Client

“I retained both Mr. Hallam and Mr. Joshua Wilson for several driving on suspended license charges. The charges were in different jurisdictions and one in particular, through the luck of the draw, had us face-to-face with a well-known tough judge and with 3 separate charges, I was looking at some major life-altering time, and was scared and stressed as to what would happen to my company, my family, and myself.

I was impressed so much with their integrity. What do I mean? First off, they talked to me straight, factual, and not sugar-coating anything! I had, in fact, very serious life-altering charges against me. They could have promised the world and just taken my money. Instead, I received excellent council, very sobering advice, and top notch representation! I was kept informed at every juncture in the process. They are very experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they both knew how to effectively communicate these baffling events that were about to occur in a way that I could understand!

These two men were able to represent me, to the courts in the best, and most truthful, light possible. They communicated effectively to the court that, in spite of my record, I was a hardworking man my entire adult life, among other virtues, and they were able to convince the court to have some mercy in my sentencing, for I was absolutely guilty of the charges. Additionally, they worked with me on their fees. Allowing me to make payments, and even discounting the payments, occasionally, if I paid a little early! I give the absolute highest recommendation to this legal team!”

Posted by an Automobile Accident Client

“I highly recommend Attorney O. Keith Hallam Jr. and his dedicated staff. Mr. Hallam helped me on two separate occasions regarding vehicle accidents I had been involved in. Both times I was not at fault but the other insurance companies did not want to cover all of the medical bills nor the cost of being out of work while recovering. Mr. Hallam was able to get them to cover all of my expenses, along with extra for my long-term pain and suffering. Had I not hired Mr. Hallam, only my vehicle would’ve been repaired, not my bodily injuries and ensuing bills. Thanks Mr. Hallam!”

Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Hallam helped me out of what could have been a very bad situation for my record, future job prospects, etc. He and his office are very reliable.”