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If you find yourself facing criminal defense charges in or around Manassas, you do not have to face your trial alone. The legal team at Nova Legal Group PC has been working with clients for over many years, so we know how to handle these difficult times. Just one criminal defense charge can haunt you for the rest of your life, but if you trust us at Nova Legal Group PC, we could be able to get you out of the situation with as little damage as possible.

At Nova Legal Group PC, our goal is to inform our Manassas area clients of their options, positioning them as favorably as possible for their criminal defense case. We do not want you to be a simple bystander in your own criminal defense case, instead we make you active in the research areas to gain intimate knowledge of the procedures and everything that happens.

Nova Legal Group PC will help you work through your criminal defense case. We work hard to ensure our Manassas area clients are aware of every step of the process, and that they feel secure in working with our team.

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With many years of representing Manassas area clients, our legal team at Nova Legal Group PC stands confident in their ability to represent your case. If you are struggling with criminal defense matters or simply don’t know what to do next, be sure to have our representation on your side and call us at (703) 548-1462 today.

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